Whether you’ve always been the family chef or are just learning to perfect your meal planning and cooking now while stuck at home, making your food go as far as possible can be a source of solace during this difficult time.

03 june 2020

Commune with nature, get productive in the kitchen, occupy cooped-up kids, or connect with other environmentalists—all while staying home.

27 april 2020

Covid-19 has upended daily life. Here are some small steps you can take to help make your time spent indoors cleaner, calmer, and greener.

06 april 2020

Stay active in critical public health and environmental issues by producing a personalized piece for publication in a local newspaper.

02 april 2020

Residents of cities like Pittsburgh and Newark continue to face high levels of this toxic metal in their drinking water supplies. Here’s what to do if this crisis affects you.

13 march 2020

Tips for discussing the basic facts, answering tough questions, and helping your kids cope with climate anxiety—even when you, too, are feeling overwhelmed.

31 december 2019

Ask your Facebook friends to donate to NRDC by following these easy steps.

01 november 2019

Follow these tips for donating and recycling old clothes so they’ll actually get worn again.

27 september 2019

Want to make your life on campus more eco-friendly? Stand up for our climate with these simple tricks to conserve power, water, and food.

14 august 2019

Old incandescent bulbs can cost you more than $100 per year in wasted energy—which costs the planet as well. Do the earth a favor and invest in new, ultra-efficient bulbs.

22 july 2019