Map of oil and gas spills in Colorado flood area

The National Response Center is where all spills in the country are supposed to be reported. Anyone can report a spill, and anyone can search the database. Our friends at SkyTruth, however, have taken the time to take the data a step further and map these incidents as soon as they are reported, providing real-time updates.

You can view the map of Colorado spills, see other locations, get details about the spill reports, and subscribe to get free daily updates and/or an RSS feed, on the SkyTruth website.

SkyTruth has also launched a citizen-participation map where citizens can report flood-related damage and pollution incidents.

Here's an example from the SkyTruth map: CALLER STATED THAT DUE TO FLOODING, A TANK TIPPED CAUSING THE RELEASE OF 125 BARRELS OF CONDENSATE TO BE RELEASED INTO THE SOUTH PLATTE RIVER. I posted photos of tanks that were toppled by the flood yesterday.

Thanks SkyTruth for the important (and very cool!) work you are doing.

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