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NRDC experts ground their work in research and science to advocate for laws and policies that create lasting environmental change. Search for an expert below, or read their latest blog posts.


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Roger Baneman

Advisor, Green Finance Center
Roger Baneman is an advisor to NRDC, working principally with the Green Finance Center. He is a retired tax partner of the law firm of Shearman & Sterling LLP. His projects have included the potential use for clean energy investing…

Sarah Dougherty

Director, Green Finance Center, People & Communities Program
Sarah Dougherty focuses on financial regulations related to climate change and green banks, as well as growing finance and economics expertise within NRDC. Before joining NRDC in 2015, Dougherty worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta where she held…

Carolina Herrera

Senior Sustainable Finance Lead, International Program
Carolina Herrera’s work focuses on clean energy and sustainable development in Latin America, particularly in Mexico and Chile. She works to identify ways that the countries of Latin America can achieve their development goals while creating resilient communities and protecting…

Adam Kent

Senior Advisor, Green Finance Center, People & Communities Program
Adam Kent works at the intersection of finance and climate, with a particular focus on the role housing and community development finance play in creating a more equitable and environmentally sustainable economy. Prior to NRDC, Kent was the deputy director…

Marilyn Martinez

Program Finance & Research Analyst, International Program
Marilyn Martinez supports NRDC’s Global Strategies team to address climate change at the international level—including efforts to enable green investments, promote clean energy, improve air quality, and protect wildlands—and to reduce global mercury pollution from artisanal small-scale mining operations in…

Alfonso Pating

Manager, Climate Finance, People & Communities Program
Alfonso Pating has 20 years of experience in the financial industry, with a focus on retail banking and financial technologies. Previously, he was a director at Banco Santander working on their Asia expansion strategy. He has deep international experience developing…

Joe Thwaites

Senior Advocate, International Climate Finance, International Program
Joe Thwaites works on international climate policy to scale up climate funding for developing countries, shift finance to be aligned with the Paris Agreement’s goals, and reform international financial institutions to be more effective and equitable in supporting climate action…