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NRDC experts ground their work in research and science to advocate for laws and policies that create lasting environmental change. Search for an expert below, or read their latest blog posts.


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Jon Devine

Director, Federal Water Policy, Water Division, Nature Program

Dr. Mark Gold

Director of Water Scarcity Solutions, People & Communities Program

Becky Hammer

Deputy Director, Federal Water Policy; Senior Attorney, Nature Program

Michael Jasny

Director, Marine Mammal Protection Project, Nature Program

Courtenay Lewis

Manager of Ecosystems Policy, Canada Project, International Program

Kin Lo

Water Program Assistant, People & Communities Program

Doug Obegi

Director, California River Restoration, Water Division, Nature Program

Ed Osann

Director, National Water Use Efficiency, Water Initiatives, People & Communities Program

Elly Pepper

Deputy Director, Global Biodiversity Conservation, Nature Program