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NRDC experts ground their work in research and science to advocate for laws and policies that create lasting environmental change. Search for an expert below, or read their latest blog posts.


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Corinne Bell

Senior Attorney, People & Communities Program
Corinne Bell focuses on drinking water and surface water pollution in several states, as well as the water-related impacts of climate change. Bell's work includes PFAS and lead contamination, environmental rights, urban runoff, and green infrastructure. Before joining NRDC, Bell…

Jon Devine

Director, Federal Water Policy, Water Division, Nature Program
Jon Devine leads NRDC’s federal water policy team. His work focuses on implementing, defending, and strengthening the core programs under the Clean Water Act. Prior to working on water policy, he worked with NRDC’s Health & Environment program for four…

Steve Fleischli

Senior Director, Water Initiatives, People & Communities Program
Steve Fleischli’s area of focus encompasses not only water quality but also the role of water security in climate-preparedness programs and the relationship of water to energy production. Prior to joining NRDC in 2010, he served as the executive director…

Dr. Mark Gold

Director of Water Scarcity Solutions, People & Communities Program
Dr. Mark Gold focuses on building climate resilience through integrated water management solutions for the increasingly arid urban California and the West. From 2019–2022, Gold served as Governor Gavin Newsom's deputy secretary for Oceans and Coastal Policy and executive director…

Becky Hammer

Deputy Director, Federal Water Policy; Senior Attorney, Nature Program
Becky Hammer focuses on stormwater runoff, green infrastructure, low-impact development, water-pollution permitting issues, and climate change preparedness. Before joining NRDC in 2009, she interned at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Hammer is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law…

Doug Obegi

Director, California River Restoration, Water Division, Nature Program
Since coming to NRDC in 2008, Doug Obegi has worked on a variety of projects related to water-resource management in California, including the San Joaquin River Restoration Program, the proposed Bay-Delta Conservation Plan/California WaterFix, the Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan…

Ed Osann

Director, National Water Use Efficiency, Water Initiatives, People & Communities Program
Ed Osann works to improve the efficiency of our water use. From 1993 to 1996, he was director of policy and external affairs for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. He has also served on the steering committee for Water Efficient…

Kate Poole

Senior Director, Water Division, Nature Program
Since 2004, Kate Poole has served as lead counsel in important cases such as NRDC v. Kempthorne and PCFFA v. Gutierrez, both of which helped reduce the impact of public-works projects in California on threatened and endangered species. Currently, she…

Garett Rose

Staff Attorney, Alaska Project, Nature Program
Garett Rose works with a range of stakeholders, including scientists and local groups, to preserve Alaska's lands, waters, and wildlife through litigation, congressional advocacy, and participation in the administrative process. Prior to joining NRDC, Rose worked at a law firm…

Arohi Sharma

Deputy Director, Regenerative Agriculture, Nature Program
Arohi Sharma advocates for policies that promote regenerative agriculture to mitigate climate change, protect soil health, conserve and reduce water use, and restore biodiversity. Before joining NRDC, Sharma was in graduate school, where she researched how to incentivize multi-stakeholder partnerships…