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NRDC experts ground their work in research and science to advocate for laws and policies that create lasting environmental change. Search for an expert below, or read their latest blog posts.


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Corinne Bell

Senior Attorney, People & Communities Program
Corinne Bell focuses on drinking water and surface water pollution in several states, as well as the water-related impacts of climate change. Bell's work includes PFAS and lead contamination, environmental rights, urban runoff, and green infrastructure. Before joining NRDC, Bell…

Angela Guyadeen

Director, Safe Water Initiative, People & Communities Program
Angela Guyadeen is responsible for developing NRDC's strategy to establish an enforceable human right to water that is safe, sufficient and affordable from source to tap. Guyadeen oversees the implementation of the Safe Water Initiative’s objectives and coordinates the Initiative’s…

Avinash Kar

Senior Attorney and Senior Director, Health and Food, People & Communities Program
Prior to his current role, Avi Kar served as director of state health policy, working with NRDC teams and external coalitions to pass key legislation and advance policies to reduce exposures to toxics, with a focus on California, New York…

Joan Leary Matthews

Senior Attorney, Safe Water Initiative, People & Communities Program
Joan Leary Matthews advocates for safe, sufficient, affordable water for all in a changing environment—with a focus on reducing lead in drinking water in schools, child care centers, and residences. Most recently, she served as the director of the Clean…

Ellen Lee

Advocate, Drinking Water Equity, People & Communities Program
Ellen Lee provides technical and advocacy expertise on drinking water issues, working to ensure that everyone has access to safe, sufficient, and affordable water. As part of the Safe Water Initiative, her work focuses on engaging and partnering with communities…

Larry Levine

Senior Attorney and Director, Urban Water Infrastructure, People & Communities Program
Larry Levine advocates for strong enforcement of, improvement of, and funding for national, state, and local policies on urban water quality, water infrastructure, and affordable access to safe and sufficient water and sanitation. His work includes developing and advocating for…

Erik D. Olson

Senior Strategic Director, Health and Food, People & Communities Program
With more than 35 years of experience working at the intersection of public policy and consumer advocacy, Erik D. Olson currently is a senior strategist and advocate for NRDC’s initiatives on health, food, and agriculture, including campaigns on drinking water…

Kimberly Ong

Senior Attorney, New York Regional, People & Communities Program
Kimberly Ong co-leads the Northeast Fossil Free Team and advocates for safe drinking water in New York State. Prior to joining NRDC, she worked as an assistant attorney general at the New York State Office of the Attorney General and…

Katie Pelch

Scientist, People & Communities Program
Katie Pelch envisions a world free of harmful chemicals, where communities have access to clean, safe, and affordable drinking water and safe consumer products. She brings her expertise in human health evidence synthesis to her projects at NRDC. Her work…

Chakena D. Perry

Senior Policy Advocate, Safe Water Initiative, People & Communities Program
Chakena D. Perry is responsible for assisting in the development of cross-programmatic strategies, partnerships, and advocacy efforts to ensure water is safe, sufficient, and affordable from source to tap. Prior to joining NRDC, she served as commissioner at the Metropolitan…

Cyndi Roper

Michigan Senior Policy Advocate, Safe Water Initiative, People & Communities Program
As part of NRDC’s Safe Water Initiative, Cyndi Roper works to ensure all Michigan residents have access to safe, sufficient, and affordable water from source to tap. Through her work with NRDC’s Climate & Clean Energy program, she assists with…

Alexandra Stubblefield

Manager, Operations, People & Communities Program
Alexandra Stubblefield focuses on environmental health and justice and works to secure clean, safe drinking water for all. She assists the toxics and drinking water team and the food waste team through research and data analysis. Stubblefield received her bachelor's…