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NRDC experts ground their work in research and science to advocate for laws and policies that create lasting environmental change. Search for an expert below, or read their latest blog posts.


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Samantha Williams

Director, Midwest Region, Climate & Clean Energy Program
Samantha Williams manages regional strategy for a team of state advocates working at the regulatory, utility, and state legislative levels to further policies that cut pollution emissions and accelerate the Midwest’s transition toward an affordable, just, clean energy economy. Previously…

Samantha Wilt

Senior Policy Analyst, Climate & Clean Energy Program
Samantha Wilt has worked on a wide range of institutional and environmental assignments, specializing in those geared toward tackling climate change through improved transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable cities. Currently, she is focused on issues relating to regional…

Jackie Wong

Director, Federal Regulatory Policy, Climate & Clean Energy Program
Jackie Wong focuses on developing federal policies to address climate change, promoting innovation and clean energy, and working with states to phase down hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Prior to joining NRDC, she was a senior advisor for energy and climate change at…

Stacy Woods

Senior Data Scientist, Science Office
Stacy Woods specializes in the application of data science—from defining the problem domain to data collection, management, analysis, interpretation, and communication—in environmental litigation. She has served as an expert witness and science advisor on numerous state and federal cases with…

Michelle Wu

Michelle Wu has worked on cases to safeguard clean water, advance energy efficiency, and protect communities from pollution. Prior to joining NRDC, she clerked for Judge Denny Chin on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Judge…

Sami Yassa

Senior Scientist, Climate & Clean Energy Program
Sami Yassa currently leads NRDC’s domestic initiatives in the Forests Aren’t Fuels campaign, where he focuses on biomass policies and forest carbon accounting. In addition, he works on initiatives to secure and implement corporate environmental policies governing green building, sustainable…

Mona Yew

Deputy Director, China Program
Mona Yew leads NRDC’s efforts in implementing innovative pilots to scale up flexible demand side resources, connect electric vehicles to a clean power grid, deepen energy efficiency, and promote stakeholder collaboration to support the rapid transition to a decarbonized power…

Nan Zeng

Project Manager, Conservation Project, China Program
Dr. Nan Zeng has been working on sustainable land management, forestry carbon sequestration, and regenerative agriculture for many years. Currently, her work focuses on promoting Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to achieve synergistic governance of climate change and biodiversity. Zeng previously served…

Jieqing Zhang

Country Director, China Program, International Program
Jieqing Zhang brings over 20 years of professional experience in environmental policy and governance at the national, regional, and global levels. Before joining NRDC in 2021, she served as deputy director-general of the International Cooperation Department under the Ministry of…

An Zhou

Senior Environmental Analyst, Responsible Sourcing Initiative, China and People & Communities Programs
An Zhou works on the technological aspects of cleaning up China’s manufacturing industry. He has spent more than a decade consulting for businesses and the government about supply-chain and sourcing practices, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and carbon management. Zhou has…

Tom Zimpleman

Senior Attorney
Tom Zimpleman's work has focused on protecting communities from pollution, expanding the availability of clean energy, and defending the integrity of the scientific information used by federal agencies. He has served as counsel for NRDC on cases arising under the…