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Repeal Two Regulations for Every One Enacted

President Trump has ordered all federal agencies to repeal two regulations for every new rule they promulgate—and to offset the cost of any new rule by rescinding existing rules. The order is already in effect, causing agencies to delay or defer important new safeguards, including limits on mercury.

Build the Keystone XL Pipeline

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would carry tar sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to southern Nebraska, where it would link to other pipelines that carry the crude to refineries on the Gulf Coast. The Obama administration rejected the pipeline, largely because it would create few jobs and increase extraction of climate-damaging tar sands. President Trump has vowed to see the project to completion.

Repeal the Clean Power Plan

The Obama administration finalized the Clean Power Plan, the nation's first significant attempt to reduce carbon emissions from power plants, in August 2015. President Trump and his administration have vowed to repeal the CPP.

Repeal the New Source Methane Emissions Rule

The Obama administration issued rules to reduce methane emissions from new oil and gas extraction, processing, and distribution operations in 2016. The Trump administration is seeking to delay and ultimately repeal those rules.

Repeal the Clean Water Rule

The Obama administration issued the Clean Water Rule in 2015 to clarify federal authority to protect waterways after Supreme Court decisions created regulatory uncertainty. The Trump administration plans to repeal the rule and replace it with weak and unscientific standards.

Weaken Auto Emissions Standards

The Obama administration forged a grand bargain on automative efficiency and clean vehicle standards in 2012. The deal brought together the U.S. Department of Transportation, which issues the fuel-economy standards; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which is responsible for greenhouse gas emission standards; the state of California, which is entitled to issue its own regulations; and automakers. Last year, auto companies asked for a relaxation of the standards. Obama's EPA, however, affirmed the standards through 2025 in a final determination, and California has signaled its intent to stick to the deal despite Trump's attempts to reopen it.

Roll Back National Monument Designations

President Trump is moving to weaken, shrink, or eliminate dozens of national monument designations as a favor to oil and gas companies that want to exploit our protected lands. The threatened monuments include both significant landscapes and sensitive marine sanctuaries. Some have benefited from federal protection for decades.

Expand Offshore Drilling

In late 2016, after an exhaustive three-year process of public consultation, offshore drilling was permanently banned along key portions of the Atlantic coastline and in vast areas of the Arctic. The eastern part of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific coastline were also protected from drilling, but only for a five-year period. President Trump has indicated his intent to open wide swaths of the U.S. coast to drilling.