Green Bank Network

The Green Bank Network connects leaders in clean energy finance, shares best practices, and supports investment in clean energy solutions.  

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The Green Bank Network (GBN) is a membership organization formed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among existing green banks, enabling them to share best practices and lessons learned. The GBN also aims to serve as the global go-to source of knowledge of the green bank model and a resource network for jurisdictions that seek to establish a green bank. NRDC serves as secretariat of the Green Bank Network, implementing GBN activities.  

Green banks are specialized, mission-driven financial institutions designed to facilitate private investment into domestic low carbon, climate-resilient projects that speed up the climate transition.  

These institutions are generally capitalized with public funds and serve an important function of catalyzing additional investment into green sectors by deploying risk mitigants and credit enhancements to crowd in private capital. 


Founded in 2015, GBN facilitates knowledge sharing and coordination between members while highlighting the impact of the green bank model to the public. The GBN organizes member exchanges, hosts public-facing events, participates in international forums, and publishes learnings from green bank experience. Through these activities, GBN supports members in expanding the scale and scope of their impact. 

Green member impact

Around the world, GBN members are driving investment in green solutions to successfully advance climate and sustainable development goals. By sharing investment risks, building local capacity, and transforming markets, GBN members are helping cities, states, and countries scale up climate action.  


Green Bank Network membership

Current and former GBN members include institutions from the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. 

Green Bank membership entails:  

  • Knowledge sessions focused on peer-to-peer learning for green bank practitioners 
  • Participation in public-facing events  
  • GBN representation at global forums  
  • Publicization of individual green bank impact through GBN communications 

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Want updates about the Green Bank Network?

Sign up for our GBN Bulletin to get the most up-to-date news and developments from the Green Bank world or contact us for more information.