Fighting climate change by cutting carbon pollution and expanding clean energy is the best way to build a better future for our children.

NRDC is tackling the climate crisis at its source: pollution from fossil fuels. We work to reduce our dependence on these dirty sources by expanding clean energy across cities, states, and nations. We win court cases that allow the federal government to limit carbon pollution from cars and power plants. We help implement practical clean energy solutions. And we fight oil and gas projects that would pump out even more pollution.

Our Priorities

Global Action

More than 175 countries have committed to stronger climate action.

Dirty Energy

Coal-fired power plants pump out 40 percent of all carbon pollution in the United States

Clean Energy

Transitioning to cleaner energy sources could save the U.S. $120 billion in health care costs a year.

Energy Efficiency

As the demand for energy in America grows, it creates more pollution and drives climate change.

Clean Vehicles and Fuels

Transportation is responsible for at least 30 percent of climate change pollution.

Climate Adaptation

Heat waves could be an average of 10°F hotter by the end of the century.

Protecting Communities

Low-income communities are dispropotionally affected by health problems associated with fossil fuels.

Climate-Resilient Cities

Many communities are ill-prepared for the impacts of climate change on their water supplies, air quality, and health.

Climate Change and Agriculture

The most effective strategy for farmers adapting to climate change is improving soil health.

What's at Stake

What you can do

5 Ways City Dwellers Can Spur Climate Action

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How to Call Congress

The Resistance Is in Your Backyard

How You Can Help Fight Climate Change

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Demand Climate Action

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