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Protect Natural Treasures

From Canada's Spirit Bear Coast to California's Baja gray whale nursery to Alaska's Tongass rainforest, we work to secure long-term protection for exceptional wild places.

Policy Solution

We push the government to end all new leasing of fossil fuels on public lands and waters.

Policy Solution

We fight dirty energy projects on all fronts—from offshore oil rigs in the Arctic to fracking rigs in people’s backyards.

Policy Solution

We ensure wind and solar projects won't harm ecosystems by identifying potential conflicts from the beginning.

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Tell Interior Secretary Zinke to defend our national monuments

Experts & Resources

Losing Ground: Western National Parks Endangered by Climate Disruption

Our national parks were created to protect and preserve America's most awe-inspiring places for the enjoyment of generations. But western national parks face an unprecedented threat from climate change. Rising temperatures, prolonged drought, severe wildfires and diminished snowfall are already affecting these parks; without action to curb climate change, cherished Western landscapes could be drastically altered. This July 2006 report considers how climate change will disrupt national parks in 11 western states and recommends commonsense actions we can take now to reduce the worst of the future impacts.

Strip Mining for Oil in Endangered Forests
Fact Sheet

Big oil interests are scraping away hundreds of thousands of acres in North America’s Boreal forest to produce tar sands oil, and in the process consuming large amounts of natural gas and generating three times as much global warming pollution as conventional crude oil production. Greater efficiency and renewable fuels are far better, cleaner ways to meet our energy needs.

Wetlands at Risk: Imperiled Treasures: How a Supreme Court Decision Jeopardizes Millions of Acres of Waters and Wetlands

America's wetlands, which provide critical wildlife habitat as well as pollution and flood control, are drained, filled and polluted at an alarming rate. This July 2002 report from NRDC and the National Wildlife Federation looks at the potentially damaging consequences of a January 2001 Supreme Court decision regarding "isolated wetlands," and illustrates the vital role these areas play in ecosystems across the United States.


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