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Adaptation, infrastructure, transportation and vehicles, renewable energy, nuclear power

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Offshore drilling, fossil fuels, federal lands, forest and monuments, clean air policy

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Midwestern regional issues

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Eastern regional issues

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Water, Canada

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Oceans, marine mammals, California advocacy and California climate change policy, natural climate solutions

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Energy efficiency and decarbonization

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Western regional issues

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Environmental justice and Chicago-based environmental issues

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+86 10 5927 0688
China-based climate, energy and wildlife

Ben Schaefer 
Industrial and emerging energy policy, hydrogen, energy transmission/RTOs

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World Bank Now Can Commit to Leading on Climate Finance

Press ReleaseInternational
WASHINGTON, D.C. – World Bank President David Malpass is stepping down, a move called for by NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and others because of Malpass’s insufficient commitment to address climate change.

EPA Aims $27 Billion Climate Fund Toward Disadvantaged Communities

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a significant step forward implementing the portion of the Inflation Reduction Act devoted to spending, the Environmental Protection Agency is issuing guidance today on its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GHGRF), announcing it will hold two grant…

Groups Urge World Bank to “Sharply Increase” Climate Investment & Action

Press ReleaseInternational
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Leading organizations have delivered a 5-point reform plan to World Bank Group leaders urging a sharp increase in its financing for climate action. The plan includes increased funding for climate protection and adaptation, supporting and delivering climate…

Green Banks: Part of Climate Solution & More Resilient Communities

Press ReleaseUnited States, New York City
NEW YORK — The new Inflation Reduction Act is poised to make major investments across the country and in disadvantaged communities to more equitably spur development of green technologies that reduce or avoid climate pollution, according to participants at a…

Climate Change is a Financial Risk

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON – The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed new rules today that will require public companies to disclose the risks they face due to climate change.

Groups Call on Federal Regulators to Urge Banks to Assess Climate Risks

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON – Federal regulators should immediately add climate risk to their oversight of the nation’s banks and urge banks to begin addressing climate-related risks of damage resulting from wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and the transition away from industries relying on fossil…

Biden Pledges to Double U.S. International Climate Finance

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON – At the United Nations today, President Biden announced that the United States will double its contribution to international climate finance as a part of the Paris agreement effort to help developing countries reduce climate emissions and adapt to…

The U.S. Should Raise its International Climate Finance to $12 Billion Per Year

Press ReleaseUnited States
Leading aid, development, faith-based, and environmental groups today are urging the Biden Administration to commit to significantly increase the U.S. contribution in international climate finance, which would be used to protect vulnerable countries, spur greater climate action and persuade other…

First Global Green Bank Network Will Speed Shift to Clean Energy

Press Release
PARIS (December 7, 2015) – As countries work toward an international climate agreement in Paris, a group of six green banks and two leading non-profit groups today announced they are establishing a Green Bank Network to help meet the urgent…

NRDC, BlackRock and FTSE Jumpstart Mainstream Climate-Conscious Investing

Press ReleaseNew York
NEW YORK (April 29, 2014) – The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), BlackRock and FTSE Group, the global index provider, partnered today in launching a groundbreaking equity global index series that will exclude companies linked to exploration, ownership or extraction…