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Kari Birdseye
California advocacy and California climate change policy, natural climate solutions

Jesús Canchola Sánchez
Midwestern regional issues

Emily Deanne
Energy efficiency and decarbonization, buildings, food and agriculture

Mark Drajem
Power sector, transportation and vehicles, renewable energy, nuclear power

Janet Fang
+86 10 5927 0688
China-based climate, energy and wildlife

Anne Hawke
International issues, green finance, climate adaptation, LNG, air policy

Margie Kelly
Water, Canada, toxics

Ivan Moreno
Environmental justice and Chicago-based environmental issues

Ben Schaefer 
Industrial and emerging energy policy, hydrogen, energy transmission/RTOs, renewables and siting

Andrew Scibetta
Lands, oceans, wildlife

Jake Thompson
Western regional issues

Rita Yelda
Eastern regional issues

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OSHA Proposes Heat Protections for Workers

Press ReleaseWashington, D.C.
WASHINGTON – The Biden administration’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration proposed the first-ever federal standards to address the risks of heat to workers. The proposed protections, already years in the making, come as climate-fueled heat waves struck much of the…

BLM Poised to Protect 28 Million Acres of Alaska Public Lands 

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON, DC (June 28, 2024) – The Biden Administration is one step closer to protecting 28 million acres of Alaska’s public lands. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a Final Environmental Impact Statement today that recommended maintaining protections from…

NRDC: House Majority Puts Head in the Sand with New Appropriations Bills

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON - With a climate-fueled heat wave creating emergency conditions across the nation, the House Appropriations Committee majority decided to release government appropriations bills that would inflict reckless spending cuts, halt efforts to fight climate change – and undercut work…

NRDC Report: How Retailers are Selling Forest Destruction 

Press ReleaseWashington, D.C.
WASHINGTON — U.S. retailers are failing their customers and the planet by selling toilet paper, paper towels, and other goods sourced from climate-critical forests, according to a new NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) report. Selling the World’s Forests details how…

Multi-Hundred Million Dollar Clean-Up of Penobscot River Begins

Press ReleaseMaine
The court-appointed Trustee directing work to remediate mercury in the Penobscot River Estuary has announced thirteen Beneficial Environmental Projects (BEPs) that will receive funding to begin delivering tangible benefits to affected communities and ecosystems.

Senate Restores FERC to a Full Five Commissioners

Press ReleaseWashington, D.C.
WASHINGTON – Today the Senate confirmed three new commissioners to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC:) Judy Chang, David Rosner, and Lindsay See.

NRDC: Youngkin Goes Above the Law for Big Oil

Press ReleaseVirginia
Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced today that he will halt Clean Cars Rules which aim to deliver cleaner cars and lower fuel costs to Virginians.

NRDC Report: Cleaner Cars Drive Benefits for Health and Wallets

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON – The clean car policies of the Biden administration will deliver unprecedented benefits to the American people, including billions of dollars of savings, more vehicle options and less pollution, a new report from NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) shows.

Environmental Groups Challenge Highway Expansion Project in Court

Press ReleaseCalifornia
Environmental groups filed suit today to challenge the Yolo I-80 highway expansion project. Citing a flawed environmental impact report that understates the true impacts to traffic, climate and air quality, the groups petitioned the courts to require Caltrans to redo…

Court Orders Port of Los Angeles to Clean Up Pollution

Press ReleaseLos Angeles
The San Diego County Superior Court ruled in favor of Los Angeles harbor-area residents with a decision that will require the lease between the Port of Los Angeles and its largest shipping customer, China Shipping, to include enforceable measures to…