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An Action Plan for Transportation Equity

Expert BlogUnited StatesJessica Jinn, John Bailey

The actions all fall under four focus areas: wealth creation, power of community, interventions, and expanding access. 

Questions and Answers About the Santa Susana Field Lab

Expert BlogCaliforniaCaroline Reiser

The Santa Susana Field Lab near Los Angeles is one of the most contaminated sites in California. Yet cleanup has barely begun. Here we answer common questions about the site and its cleanup, or lack thereof.

Climate Migration and Equity

ExplainerInternational, United StatesNicole Greenfield
Inequality influences who can stay in climate-vulnerable locales and who can leave and thrive elsewhere. The world needs a plan that supports those climate refugees who can’t do either.

Collaborative Junk Science Is the Core of the Delta VA

Expert BlogCaliforniaDoug Obegi

If you wouldn’t trust oil tobacco companies to tell you what’s safe for your health, why would you trust these water agencies to say what’s good for fish and wildlife in the Bay-Delta watershed?

EPA Proposal Too Tepid to Address Dangerous Chemical Spills

Expert BlogUnited StatesAtid Kimelman, Ridhwan Sediqe, Sara Imperiale

The proposal covers only those facilities that are capable of storing a threshold quantity of hazardous substances and are also within one-half mile of a waterway protected by the Clean Water Act. 

Why Compost Should Count as Fertilizer

Expert BlogUnited StatesDarby Hoover

There are a number of benefits associated with composting, including environmental, economic, and social benefits.

New Mexico Hits the Gas on Cleaner Cars

Expert BlogNew MexicoKathy Harris, Noah Long

New Mexico is the 18th state to adopt the Advanced Clean Car standards, meaning drivers will have access to more pollution-free vehicles, which will save them money while slashing climate-harming pollution and improving air quality and health.

The Next Chapter in the Climate Fight for Chicago

Expert BlogChicagoValeria Rincon
Chicago just released a new Climate Action Plan this week that lays out its long-term strategy for how to address some of the biggest climate challenges facing the third-largest city in the country.