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Gas Price Relief Shouldn’t Only Be for Drivers

Expert BlogCaliforniaVictoria Rome
NRDC stands ready to work on policies that mitigate price spikes while advancing transportation alternatives, reducing air pollution, and supporting the most vulnerable Californians.

It’s Time to Defuse Oil as a Weapon of War

Latest NewsInternationalJeff Turrentine
Russia is financing its invasion of Ukraine with oil and gas sales—and many of the same nations horrified by its actions are its customers.

EPA Launches Multi-Pollutant Power Plant Strategy

Expert BlogUnited StatesDavid Doniger
Power plants are the nation's biggest industrial polluters, threatening the health of millions. EPA has launched a multi-pollutant strategy to curb their air, water, and land pollution.

Drought Shows that CA’s Water Rights System Is Bankrupt

Expert BlogCaliforniaDoug Obegi
The only way out of this cycle of destruction—other than praying for rain, which is not a strategy—is to reduce water deliveries and diversions in order to maintain adequate carryover storage in Shasta and upstream reservoirs this year.

The True Cost of Undervaluing Our Forests

Expert BlogInternational, United States, CanadaJennifer Skene
As countries begin implementing the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use, success will depend on embracing a truly global framework that looks beyond forests’ utility.

Canada Should Mark Forests Day by Rejecting Logging Giveaway

Expert BlogCanada, OntarioCourtenay Lewis
Canada has near-finalized an ill-named “Conservation Agreement” with the province of Ontario, whose current government has attracted international attention for slashing environmental protections while promising to ramp up widespread industrial logging.

Highlighting Women-Led Clean Energy Solutions in India

Expert BlogIndiaSameer Kwatra
Empowering rural women, who are often engaged in agricultural and entrepreneurial activities, in clean energy generation at the village level can improve energy access—and livelihoods.

US International Climate Finance Fails to Rise to the Moment

Expert BlogInternational, United StatesJake Schmidt
The final funding allocation falls pitifully short of what is needed to make a real difference in mobilizing necessary climate action and supporting the most vulnerable countries. This short-changed investment leaves the U.S. severely lacking the leadership the world needs…

You Can’t Fix High Pump Prices with New Offshore Leasing

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalLauren Kubiak
While the fossil fuel industry would have you believe that the way out is for the government to lease more of our public lands and waters to oil and gas companies, the truth is that it would do nothing to…

Tapping the Infrastructure Bill to Break Our Oil Addiction

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalDeron Lovaas
We’ve seen this movie before. International conflict and global marketplace trends drive up the price of oil. The price at the pump goes up. And people suffer, especially those who can least afford it.

Saving California's Salmon Is Now Up to Governor Newsom

Expert BlogCaliforniaKate Poole
Keeping the Trump administration's biological opinions in place would likely drive California’s wild salmon—as well as their habitat in the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary and all who depend on them—into a death spiral from which they may never recover.

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