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Renewable Rikers Island: NYC Planning Commission Testimony

Expert BlogNew York CitySara Imperiale

NRDC provided testimony to the New York City Planning Commission in support of an amendment to the City Map establishing the entirety of Rikers Island as a Public Place, a designation that would prohibit Rikers Island from being used for…

Out of Time: Regulators Must Prevent Utility Shutoffs

Expert BlogDeron Lovaas
As we turn to yet another month in 2020, we can see ahead that an estimated 35 million households across 14 states will no longer have mandatory protections from having their electricity shut off. State utility regulators must act now…

New York: Protect People from Water Shutoffs During COVID-19

Expert BlogJoan Leary Matthews, Larry Levine
Over the summer, New York State did the right thing for utility customers feeling the severe economic downturn during the pandemic. The state adopted legislation (Laws of 2020, Chapters 108 and 126) requiring all utilities—water, gas, electric, telephone—to stop shutting…

Flushing Forests Is Risky Business for P&G

Expert BlogShelley Vinyard
A shareholder resolution that is up for a vote in P&G's next shareholder meeting shows that investors increasingly see P&G's unsustainable sourcing as a risk.

Rule to Speed Oil Drilling in National Forests Released

Expert BlogJosh Axelrod, Samuel Eisenberg
The Trump administration unveiled a rule that will make it easier to drill for oil and gas in national forests. At a time when communities are suffering from dirty air and the dangers of a warming planet, we cannot afford…

Repeal Ohio’s House Bill 6

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
Ohio lawmakers could take action this week to repeal House Bill 6 which has been called the "worst energy bill of the 21st century."

Katrina, Climate, and Justice: A Future in Foreshadow?

PerspectivesNew Orleans, LouisianaZaria Howell
After Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana just days before the Katrina remembrance, photojournalism from 15 years ago reminds us that disaster preparation isn’t just about wind and water.

What Is Climate Gentrification?

ExplainerUnited StatesShelia Hu
NRDC senior program advocate Sasha Forbes explains what it means to be displaced by climate change and why cities must invest in long-term housing affordability—and a self-sustaining future—for their low-income communities and communities of color.

CPUC Takes a Big First Step Toward Climate Change Adaptation

Expert BlogMohit Chhabra
California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) just became the nation’s first utility regulator to take the impact of climate change on energy infrastructure and services seriously. This blog explains how climate change impacts each aspect of the energy system; how the…

Putting an End to “Colonial Science”

PerspectivesInternationalJeff Turrentine
The scientific community is starting to confront internal biases that support social stratification, hinder international cooperation, and—sometimes—impair research.

NY Can Reimagine Resource Adequacy with New, State-led Model

Expert BlogChristopher Casey, Cullen Howe
New York’s ambitious clean energy agenda is running into a buzz saw in the form of an increasingly discriminatory NYISO capacity market that produces excessive customer costs and significant health impacts; worse yet, those impacts disproportionately harm Black and Brown…

This National TP Day, Unroll the Truth About Charmin

Expert BlogAshley Jordan
The “tree-to-toilet pipeline,” which Charmin helps to fuel, devastates forests, the climate, and at-risk species. In fact, P&G’s unsustainable tissue supply chain continues to draw public attention and outrage.

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