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All’s Not Well

Latest NewsNorth DakotaSusan Cosier
North Dakota’s oil and gas boom is scaring away grassland birds.

The Peanut Butter Solution

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
A (tasty) plague-fighting vaccine for prairie dogs may give endangered black-footed ferrets a new lease on life.

Sunken Treasure

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
Shipwrecks are the main event at a newly proposed marine sanctuary, but scientists hope to find much more.

Biting Back

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
Backyard breeders are creating a new kind of hero honeybee—one that chomps off the legs of mites and saves the hive.

Fecal Attraction

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
Poop has a lot to tell us about the mating game—and this zoo scientist is getting the scoop on how to save endangered species in the wild.

A Lamprey Love Triangle

ExplainerUnited StatesSusan Cosier
This is a tale of blood-sucking invaders and sex traps.

Better Living Through Chemistry?

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
Chemical regulation needs a makeover, but Congress’ efforts at reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act are still a work in progress.

From the Outside In

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
The dose may make the poison, but a new study finds even low levels of certain toxins might affect our health.

Pesticide Patrol

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
A new report says the most widely used weed killer probably causes cancer.

Diseases on the Move

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
Climate change helps freeloading parasites spread illness. To fight future outbreaks, we need to think of the offenders in a whole new light.

Spreading Like Wildfire

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
Flame retardants are winding up everywhere—like in some of the Great Lakes’ greatest wildlife.

Back from the Dead Zone

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
Doing just a little to curb fertilizer pollution in the Mississippi could go a long way to breathing life back into the Gulf.

The Sour Side of Strawberries

Latest NewsUnited StatesSusan Cosier
California is regulating a harmful pesticide used on strawberries and other crops, but does it go far enough?

Let the Wily Go Wild?

Latest NewsNew York CitySusan Cosier
Cities across the country have learned to live with coyotes. Why not New York?