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Welcome to Oslo! NO PARKING.

Latest NewsInternationalJeff Turrentine
More and more European cities are effectively banning automobiles from their city centers—and it seems to be working out just fine for local businesses.

To Save Cities, Invest in Mass Transit

Latest NewsUnited StatesJeff Turrentine
The Department of Transportation’s TIGER program helps communities thrive by funding innovative transportation projects. Congress shouldn’t let Trump do away with it.

Why Nobody Likes Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Latest NewsUnited StatesJeff Turrentine
For starters: It would endanger the environment, imperil water systems and other public assets . . . and then make states pay extra for it all.

Hey Commuters: Take the Money and Walk

Latest NewsUnited StatesJeff Turrentine
Bosses are offering employees cold, hard cash to give up their “free” parking space at work. And it may be a win-win for everybody—including Mother Earth.

Things Are Looking Up

Latest NewsUnited StatesBrian Palmer
The Department of Energy just announced what may be the most significant efficiency rule ever—and one that businesses can get behind.

Mind the Gap

Latest NewsUnited StatesJeff Turrentine
Millennials don’t just communicate differently from their baby boomer parents—they commute differently, too.

Innovation Has Not Run Dry!

Latest NewsCaliforniaAlisa Opar
As summer heat compounds four years of drought, Californians are coping with water shortages in some wacky and smart (and desperate) ways.

Painting the Town Purple

Latest NewsUnited StatesJeff Turrentine
A new generation of conservative pundits is cheerfully blurring the line between red and blue—by embracing smart growth and New Urbanism.

Bathroom Bandits

Latest NewsCaliforniaKatherine Ellen Foley
Law-breaking urinals? California's water rules will force new fixtures to toe the water line.

Just the Right Absorbency

Latest NewsInternationalBrian Palmer
Tampons—yes, tampons—can solve one of the United Kingdom’s biggest sewage problems.

Cause Célèbre

Latest NewsLos AngelesAlexis Sobel Fitts
An L.A.-based eco-fashion line counts A-listers among its biggest fans.

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