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Why Everybody Is So Excited About 23 Salmon

Latest NewsCaliforniaAlisa Opar
After millennia of migrating to and from the sea, Chinook salmon disappeared from California’s San Joaquin River 65 years ago. Now they’re trickling back.

Slip-sliding Away

Latest NewsCaliforniaAlisa Opar
Heavy El Niño rains could trigger mudslides in California this winter. These scientists are trying to figure out the whens and wheres.

Going Back to Cali

Latest NewsCaliforniaClara Chaisson
Gray wolves have returned to the Golden State after a nearly century-long absence.

Hotter = Drier

Latest NewsCaliforniaBrian Palmer
A new study shows how climate change is making the California drought worse.

Innovation Has Not Run Dry!

Latest NewsCaliforniaAlisa Opar
As summer heat compounds four years of drought, Californians are coping with water shortages in some wacky and smart (and desperate) ways.

I Hate Reruns

Latest NewsCaliforniaClara Chaisson
The Santa Barbara coast has yet another oil spill, thanks to a company that screws up royally—repeatedly.

A Beach of an Oil Spill

Latest NewsCaliforniaClara Chaisson
Santa Barbara’s pristine coastline is now coated in crude.

Climate Change Vs. the Blob

Latest NewsCaliforniaBrian Palmer
A new study says a stubborn blob of warm ocean water is exacerbating the California drought.

Bathroom Bandits

Latest NewsCaliforniaKatherine Ellen Foley
Law-breaking urinals? California's water rules will force new fixtures to toe the water line.

California, Here Dry Come!

Latest NewsCaliforniaBrian Palmer
A new study shows that the current California drought is nothing compared to what’s coming.

Cause Célèbre

Latest NewsLos AngelesAlexis Sobel Fitts
An L.A.-based eco-fashion line counts A-listers among its biggest fans.

Out of the Woods

Latest NewsCaliforniaAlisa Opar
To ensure its survival, California’s only native freshwater turtle will be wintering in captivity this year.

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