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Why the Willow Project Is a Bad Idea

Latest NewsAlaskaJeff Turrentine
The oil drilling proposal would be disastrous for Alaska and the planet (not to mention President Biden’s climate legacy). 

Drilling for Tax Cuts: The Devastating Alaska Provision

Latest NewsAlaskaJeff Turrentine
Most Americans, including many congressional Republicans, are strongly opposed to oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. So why is it attached to the tax bill?

Burnin' Blubber

Latest NewsArcticJason Bittel
As warmer summers melt the Arctic, Pacific walruses have to work a lot harder to reach their seafloor feasts.

Hold the Applause

Latest NewsArcticBrian Palmer
Shell has left the Arctic for now, but the region isn’t safe from oil drills until the president locks the door.

Northward Ho!

Latest NewsArctic, AlaskaAlisa Opar
Obama is headed to the Arctic. Here are five things the president should put on his must-do-in-Alaska list.

Don't Call it a Comeback

Latest NewsArcticAndrea Thompson
New satellite data show Arctic sea ice has rebounded—but that doesn't mean it's recovering. (Sorry, polar bears.)

Dead Bear Walking

Latest NewsArcticBrian Palmer
Will “walking hibernation” help polars bears survive climate change?

Bringing the Noise

Latest NewsArcticAlisa Opar
How will Shell’s Arctic drilling affect marine mammals in the Chukchi Sea?

Wild Idea

Latest NewsArcticClara Chaisson
The president is asking Congress to designate crucial Arctic habitat as wilderness.

Shell Game

Latest NewsArcticBrian Palmer
The Department of the Interior says there’s a 75 percent chance of a major oil spill in the Arctic—and it’s willing to take that chance.

Can't Touch This

Latest NewsAlaska
President Obama just protected the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery from oil and gas drilling.

Save the Ringed Seal, Save the Planet?

Latest NewsArcticJason Bittel
The government proposes the biggest critical-habitat designation ever to protect ringed seals from Big Oil and climate change.