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Fighting Climate Change Through Farming

DispatchCaliforniaAlisa Opar
In Central California, small ranches and farms are growing their connections—to the land, to the past, and to each other.

The Humble Beaver: Troublemaker or Climate Superhero?

DispatchMontana, WestAlisa Opar
Beavers create rich habitats and act as buffers against the effects of drought and wildfire—spurring efforts to pinpoint new ways to help us coexist with North America’s largest rodent.

Why Everybody Is So Excited About 23 Salmon

Latest NewsCaliforniaAlisa Opar
After millennia of migrating to and from the sea, Chinook salmon disappeared from California’s San Joaquin River 65 years ago. Now they’re trickling back.

Bugging the Ocean

Latest NewsUnited StatesAlisa Opar
Eavesdropping on the sea reveals the surprising chattiness of fish and invertebrates.

Zombie Crabs!

Latest NewsEastAlisa Opar
Tiny, invasive East Coast parasites are leaving hordes of the living dead in their wake.

Spring Break

DispatchMontanaAlisa Opar
Bison go from seasonal outlaws to year-round residents in a large swath of Montana.

Home Invasion

Latest NewsUnited StatesAlisa Opar
Forget cockroaches—around 100 species of bugs are crawling around our houses (and faces).

Slip-sliding Away

Latest NewsCaliforniaAlisa Opar
Heavy El Niño rains could trigger mudslides in California this winter. These scientists are trying to figure out the whens and wheres.

Save Our Heritage!

ExplainerUnited StatesAlisa Opar
A popular conservation program became a bargaining chip in a bid to lift the crude oil export ban.

Frog vs. Fish

DispatchCaliforniaAlisa Opar
How cutting-edge technology may save endangered amphibians from hungry trout in Yosemite’s alpine lakes.

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