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The SEC and Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Expert BlogUnited StatesTom Zimpleman, Sarah Dougherty

The regulation would mitigate risks that climate change presents to the financial system and individual investors by keeping investors informed.

What the Fed District Reserve Banks Should Do About Climate

Expert BlogUnited StatesRoger Baneman, Sarah Dougherty
The Federal Reserve and its 12 regional District Banks—tasked with safeguarding the overall financial system and individual financial institutions—must incorporate climate change economic risk into their oversight duties.

Fed Nominations: The Important, Empty Seat

Expert BlogUnited StatesSarah Dougherty

Fed nominations filled in some upcoming vacancies—but left the important position running bank supervision empty. This is especially important for managing climate risk and working to avoid a 2008-level financial crisis.

OCC Commits to Next Step on Climate Risk for Banks

Expert BlogUnited StatesSarah Dougherty

The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency committed to putting out guidance on how it will integrate climate risks in its oversight of banks.

Time for Next Step on Climate Risk for Banks

Expert BlogUnited StatesRoger Baneman, Sarah Dougherty

Climate risk is just like any emerging financial risk that bank regulators must start to include in their oversight of banks.

G7 and SEC: Mandatory Climate Risk Disclosure Needed Now

Expert BlogInternationalTom Zimpleman, Gabriel Daly, Sarah Dougherty

G7 leaders met in the UK last week, and climate was high on the agenda, as it must be. One of the areas of agreement among the leaders of the world’s largest economies might seem new but has been in…

Whole of Government: Financial Risks

Expert BlogUnited StatesSarah Dougherty

President Biden’s executive order on climate-related financial risk builds on his whole of government approach to the growing threats from climate change—the only approach that makes sense and protects all of us from climate-linked financial upheaval.

The Fed Has All the Authority Needed for Climate Action

Expert BlogUnited StatesSarah Dougherty
Recent letters and statements from Senator Toomey could not be further off the mark about the Fed and climate change: studying climate risk and acting on it are clearly a part of the Fed’s congressionally- given powers and requirements

An Important Step from the Fed on Climate Change

Expert BlogSarah Dougherty
The Federal Reserve went from largely avoiding talk of climate change a couple of years ago to creating a Supervision Climate Committee that will work across the entire Federal Reserve System to consider climate risks for two of its main…

The Federal Reserve’s New Signals on Climate

Expert BlogUnited States, Washington, D.C.Sarah Dougherty
The Fed, the U.S. central bank, has moved from irregular mentions to a concerted effort to roll out a spate of new ideas and endeavors that highlight the risks of climate change to our financial system.

Hot in DC: Green Bank Edition

Expert BlogSarah Dougherty
It was sultry here in DC yesterday, but that was not the hottest news in my opinion. Mayor Muriel Bowser signed legislation to create a Green Bank here in Washington, D.C., following City Council passing the bill unanimously. Green banks…

New Issue Brief: How Green Banks Assess and Report Impacts

Expert BlogBettina Bergöö, Douglass Sims, Sarah Dougherty
Green banks are experimenting with different approaches to evaluate their impact—including their contribution to market transformation—and sharing their findings with the public.

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