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Orcas in Peril, Part I: An Ocean Empty of Food

ExplainerUnited States, InternationalPerrin Ireland
Southern Resident killer whales of the Salish Sea face many challenges, but the threat of death from starvation is especially dire. Thankfully, there's a solution—and we need to help make it happen.

Less Carbon, More Money

ExplainerUnited StatesPerrin Ireland
A recent climate assessment raised red flags about a shrinking economy. But maybe it doesn’t have to play out that way for millennials—we can start demanding with our dollars for a green, just economy.

There’s Actually Some Good News in That Scary IPCC Report

ExplainerInternationalPerrin Ireland
Looking for a silver lining in the harrowing United Nations climate change report? Here it is: We can determine the impact of climate change by the political, economic, and social choices we make today.

The Full Picture of Our Lead Problem

ExplainerUnited States, Midwest, Flint, Newark, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Jackson, ColumbiaPerrin Ireland, Brian Palmer
America is facing its second lead crisis. This time around, the effects are less obvious, but no less worrying.

The Virus Hunter

Latest NewsUnited StatesPerrin Ireland
Scientists aren’t certain why Zika has become a pandemic, but humans probably played a part.

Mo Methane, Mo Problems

ExplainerUnited StatesPerrin Ireland
When it comes to harmful greenhouse gases, methane’s some pretty potent stuff. Here’s why.

Can Public Art Save the Planet?

PerspectivesUnited StatesPerrin Ireland
As NRDC's first-ever artist-in-residence, Jenny Kendler creates interactive sculptures that invite viewers to remember their place in the natural order.

Step Aside, Gentlemen

Latest NewsUnited StatesPerrin Ireland, Brian Palmer
Women from around the world gather in Paris to solve climate change.

Hot or Not?

Latest NewsUnited StatesPerrin Ireland
Coral reefs are beautiful—but only when they’re healthy.

Down in the Dumps

Latest NewsUnited StatesPerrin Ireland
As megafauna (and their huge fecal deposits) disappear, so do their important contributions to the earth’s nutrient cycle.

DIY: Sexy Apocalypse

Latest NewsPerrin Ireland
There’s no need for hot devils and sultry zombies on Halloween—the natural world is chock-full of terror…and temptation.

Climate Got Your Tongue?

Latest NewsColoradoPerrin Ireland
In the Rocky Mountains, long-tongued bumblebees are getting licked by warmer temperatures.

Know Your Roots

Latest NewsPerrin Ireland
Mangrove forests help keep our heads above water—and marine protected areas help them help us.

Gender Bending in the ‘Burbs

Latest NewsUnited StatesPerrin Ireland
A new study finds female frogs outnumber males 2:1 in suburban ponds. This is not normal.

Unlikely Heroes

Latest NewsUnited StatesPerrin Ireland
Hawks act as hummingbirds’ bodyguards—whether they realize it or not.

Hang in There, Cousin!

Latest NewsAfricaPerrin Ireland
Despite human encroachment, chimpanzees are standing their ground in Uganda.

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