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California Enacts Plan for Smart Offshore Wind Development

Expert BlogCaliforniaSandy Aylesworth, Mohit Chhabra

When AB 525 became law last month, California set the standard for floating offshore wind energy development in the United States. The law requires California to develop offshore wind in a way that creates good jobs, protects California's unparalleled marine…

Ocean Wind Becomes California’s Future Power

Expert BlogCaliforniaSandy Aylesworth, Mohit Chhabra

Department of Interior advances leasing for offshore wind energy development in California offshore waters, ending years-long impasse with the Department of Defense.

Unethical Seafood: How the U.S. Import System Fails Consumers

Expert BlogUnited StatesSandy Aylesworth, Irene Gutierrez

A new NRDC report explains how one in three seafood meals comes from illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing—a dirty global industry that harms ecosystems, hurts fishermen who play by the rules, and relies on trafficked labor.

Trump’s Plan to Protect U.S. Fishermen Must Go Further

Expert BlogSandy Aylesworth
Trump's new Executive Order aims to protect U.S. fishermen by combatting illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. Illegal fishing hurts fishermen who fish fairly and severely harms marine ecosystems. If the United States is serious about stopping IUU fishing, it needs…

The Human Toll of Illegal Fishing

Expert BlogSandy Aylesworth
The fish on your dinner plate may have been caught by slaves. But there are steps we can take to stop forced labor in the seafood industry.

NGOs Call for NOAA to Strengthen Seafood Import Standards

Expert BlogSandy Aylesworth
We know that some seafood is fraudulent or not what it claims to be. But did you know that up to one third of wild-caught U.S. seafood imports are harvested using illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing practices?

CA Leaders Pass Bills to Protect Coast from Drilling

Expert BlogSandy Aylesworth
California legislators approved two bills yesterday that create a major barrier to new offshore drilling in federal waters off California. Congressional Republicans should follow the lead of their state legislators and publicly oppose new drilling in these waters, so that…

No Love for the Ocean: Trump’s Fossil Fuel Grab

Expert BlogSandy Aylesworth
Last Thursday, the Federal administration brought an offshore oil drilling dog and pony show to Sacramento, instead of hosting a listening session with live testimony from concerned citizens.