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A Farm Bill Worth Fighting For

Expert BlogUnited States, Washington, D.C.Allison Johnson, Valerie Baron, Matthew Kaplan
We need a good Farm Bill – that advances climate, health, and worker protections – not one that turns back the clock.

Delivering the Promise of the Infrastructure Law

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Baron, Shelley Poticha

A year ago President Biden signed the blockbuster 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure law, and it’s clear that this time we have a chance to do it right. Too often in the past, spending on highways divided and destroyed communities of…

Dobbs Is Dangerous, Especially in an Era of Climate Change

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Baron

In a time when we are experiencing more intense, disruptive climate impacts, the consequences of this Supreme Court decision will be even more harmful and deadly, with Black people and low-income people bearing the worst.

Rebuilding Towards Justice

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Baron

This Infrastructure Week cannot just be about pouring cement or digging trenches.

Drinking Through a Lead Straw in the District

Expert BlogWashington, D.C.Valerie Baron

According to NRDC’s new report Washington DC just distinguished itself—we are in the top 10 most lead-pipes-per-100,000 people of any state (or District) in the US. Not great news for the as many as 31,000 households drinking water through a…

DC Water’s Own Data Suggest Widespread Lead Contamination

Expert BlogWashington, D.C.Valerie Baron

Lead pipes throughout the country, including Washington DC, leach and contribute to widespread contamination. Paradoxically, due to a confusing and inadequate system of safeguards, Washington DC is in compliance with federal drinking water regulations for lead.

USDA Must Protect Communities from Mass Animal Killings

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Baron
Shutdowns at industrial slaughterhouses due to the COVID crisis have caused backlogs of animals throughout the U.S. that cannot be slaughtered for food because there simply isn’t capacity to process them. Even the shutdowns have not ameliorated the devastatingly unsafe…

Keeping Food on the Table in a Pandemic

Expert BlogValerie Baron, Lena Brook, Amy Brown, Lara Bryant
We need to ensure a strong and well-functioning food system, and that the most vulnerable in our food chain are adequately supported.

Big Ag Is Hiding in Plain Sight and It’s Making Us Sick

Expert BlogUnited StatesValerie Baron
More than 9 billion animals are raised for food each year in the United States, the vast majority on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). These massive industrial facilities not only confine animals in horrific conditions, but they are major polluters…