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Energy Efficiency: Ohio's Hospitals and Low-Income Residents

Expert BlogOhioDaniel Sawmiller
Ohio's Hospitals and low-income residents have benefit greatly from energy efficiency programs. Still, Ohio lawmakers may choose to eliminate these programs and increase the energy burden—and electric bill—for both.

Clean Energy Dominates a New Agreement Reached with DP&L

Expert BlogOhioDaniel Sawmiller
After months of debate, NRDC has joined Dayton Power and Light and a diverse group of energy stakeholders in reaching an agreement this week on a proposal to modernize the local electric grid.

Ohio’s House Bill 6 and “Revenue Decoupling”

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
HB 6 contains what some have called a “decoupling” provision, but this section of the law passed last year had absolutely nothing to do with energy efficiency (which HB 6 effectively extinguished as a priority for all the state’s major…

Repeal Ohio’s House Bill 6

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
Ohio lawmakers could take action this week to repeal House Bill 6 which has been called the "worst energy bill of the 21st century."

Ohio Needs Forward-Thinking Clean Energy Policy

Expert BlogOhioDaniel Sawmiller
It’s time we have a serious conversation in Ohio about a forward-looking clean energy policy that can, once and for all, propel the state’s energy economy into the 21st century and make up for lost time in the fight against…

"This Is About Ohio, Ohio, Ohio"

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
The Ohio Power Siting Board cleared the path for large scale solar additions today in two unanimous decisions.

How Can I Wash My Hands Without Water!?

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
Governor DeWine has been leading the U.S. with his response to the coronavirus pandemic. But there are additional steps that Ohio should be taking to protect water access for vulnerable Ohioans.

Ohio’s Military and Veterans Benefit from Energy Efficiency

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
The state's energy efficiency programs have been overwhelmingly successful. Ohio doesn’t approve efficiency programs unless they save more money than they cost, and these programs have delivered for Ohio’s electricity customers. The benefits to national security, our military and our…

No Compromise Without Energy Efficiency

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
Eliminating Ohio’s energy efficiency standards would be a drastic mistake. Energy bills would increase for Ohio’s families and businesses, carbon emissions and other air pollutants would increase, and thousands of jobs would be at risk.

Ohio’s Grand Bargain on Energy Policy

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
A stand-alone nuclear bailout bill would presumably have little support—and indeed, would not count NRDC amongst its supporters—but is an energy grand bargain in the works for Ohio?

A Vision for a Strong Energy Future in Ohio

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
Diversifying our electricity generation supply with renewable energy projects, using long-term contracts with a low fixed cost, will help stabilize electric bills and create economic engines that can sustain communities and ensure a healthier, cleaner Ohio.

FirstEnergy Coal Retirements: Is It Fake News?

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
FirstEnergy recently announced the retirement of all its Ohio and Pennsylvania coal plants. Given the company's attempts to secure a financial bailout, some question if this is fake news.

DP&L Settlement Protects Customers while Driving Innovation

Expert BlogDaniel Sawmiller
For the first time in nearly a quarter century, Dayton Power and Light (DP&L) recently filed a formal rate case with the PUCO, seeking a rate increase to cover the cost of providing safe and reliable electricity distribution service for…

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