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California Misses Opportunity to Protect Kids from Lead in Water

Expert BlogCaliforniaAngela Guyadeen, Corinne Bell
California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent veto of AB 249 means the state will not take action to protect kids from lead in their drinking water while attending school. Timing of veto is troubling given alarming data that one in four…

CA Bill Directs Federal Funds to Remove Lead in Water

Expert BlogCaliforniaCorinne Bell

AB 1931 would direct hundreds of millions of federal dollars to removing lead sources from our drinking water system. But the state and water utilities need to recognize they have a problem first.

Colorado Bill Will Protect Kids from Lead in Drinking Water

Expert BlogColoradoCorinne Bell
Representative Sirota, Senator Fields, and Senator Winter have introduced a bill that would get the lead out of drinking water in childcare centers and public schools by adding filters to drinking water taps.

New Yorkers Lead a New Wave of Environmental Rights

Expert BlogNew YorkCorinne Bell, Joan Leary Matthews

An overwhelming majority of New York residents voted for an amendment that would require the state to safeguard people's health and natural resources in future policies and projects across the state.

New Yorkers—Vote Yes for Clean Air and Water!

Expert BlogNew YorkCorinne Bell, Joan Leary Matthews

On November 2nd, New Yorkers can lead a new wave of state environmental rights amendments if they decide that the state should officially recognize everyone’s right to clean air and water.

California’s Lead Problem: Partials Aren't Good Enough

Expert BlogCaliforniaCorinne Bell

President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is a big opportunity for California to create high quality water-related jobs, to protect Californians, and to right the state’s course on lead pipe replacements.

Los Angeles Regional Board: Fix Our Stormwater Problem!

Expert BlogLos Angeles, CaliforniaCorinne Bell

This Friday, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board will decide whether to clean up Los Angeles’s urban runoff problem, or to continue to let polluters use our waterways as their dumping grounds.

Every State Should Have a Right to a Healthy Environment

Expert BlogNorth Carolina, Pennsylvania, Montana, Massachusetts, CaliforniaCorinne Bell
A few states currently have a constitutional right to a healthy environment and several more are working to enshrine such rights.

Local Leaders Are Failing to Protect L.A.’s Water

Expert BlogLos AngelesCorinne Bell
Every day, an estimated 100 million gallons of runoff contaminated with various pollutants flows through L.A.’s massive storm drain system to foul our rivers, creeks and, ultimately, our coastal waters.

North Carolinians Deserve Stronger Protections from PFAS

Expert BlogCorinne Bell
The people of North Carolina deserve clean drinking water, and there is plenty that North Carolina can do. The question is whether the state will actually use its full power to protect the people of North Carolina from PFAS contamination.

The Regional Water Board Must Address L.A.’s Runoff Problem

Expert BlogCorinne Bell
Los Angeles is known for its iconic waterways that include beautiful beaches and a concrete river. But every day, an estimated 100 million gallons of runoff contaminated with various pollutants flows through L.A.’s massive storm drain system to foul our…