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Pakistan’s Climate Resiliency: Harbinger for the Global South

Expert BlogInternationalChantelle "Ella" Mendonsa

Pakistan is one of the five most climate vulnerable nations, evidenced by floods that claimed over 1,500 lives, injured over 12,000, and displaced up to 30 million people in August. In November, global leaders head into COP 27, where the…

Extreme Heat Has Extreme Health Implications

Expert BlogInternationalChantelle "Ella" Mendonsa

Extreme heat events across the country threaten the lives of the most vulnerable. We need new initiatives and policies, particularly for communities of color and low-income communities.

Celebrating Inclusive Development: Thai Town Marketplace

Expert BlogChantelle "Ella" Mendonsa
An interview with Chancee Martorell, Executive Director of Thai Community Development Center, on her work with Thai Town Marketplace. Funded in part by SPARCC, it is a model for cultural place-keeping and inclusive development. Driven by her own experience, Chancee…

Six More Ways Scott Pruitt Proved He’s Unfit to Lead EPA

Expert BlogChantelle "Ella" Mendonsa
The American people deserve better than Scott Pruitt—they deserve an EPA that will protect their clean air, water, and bedrock environmental safeguards from big polluters and the special interest lobbyists Mr. Pruitt seems to be so close with.

EPApocalypse: A Review of Pruitt’s 1st Year as Administrator

Expert BlogChantelle "Ella" Mendonsa
While Pruitt has recently been catching heat for his science-denying comments on climate change, his luxurious travel on the taxpayer dime, and his elimination of the child cancer research program, it’s his dangerous predilection to gut critical public health protections…

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