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2022 Came Close, But Yet So Far, To Improving US Gas Policy

Expert BlogUnited StatesGillian Giannetti, Morgan Johnson
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy made critical progress to ensure that new gas projects are approved only if they are in the public interest. But they failed to complete the job.

FERC's Gas Reviews Are Getting Better All The Time

Expert BlogUnited StatesGillian Giannetti
It’s no secret that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s reviews of gas pipelines and export facilities need an overhaul. With continued pressure, and the addition of a fifth commissioner, 2022 has the potential to be transformative.

4 Keys for a Successful FERC Office of Public Participation

Expert BlogUnited StatesGillian Giannetti

More than 40 years ago, Congress told Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to do a better job of ensuring that the public had a say in its decisions. The nation’s top energy regulator never did, and, as a result, landowners…

NRDC, 50+ Orgs Send Clear Message: It's Time for FERC Reform

Expert BlogUnited StatesGillian Giannetti

NRDC, the Sustainable FERC Project, and more than 50 other organizations sent a clear message today to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: FERC must reform how it reviews applications for new gas pipeline infrastructure.

FERC Takes a Step Forward on Environmental Impacts

Expert BlogUnited StatesGillian Giannetti
In a FERC order published today, the commission for the first time assessed whether a proposed pipeline project’s greenhouse gas emissions would be a “significant” environmental impact.

Federal Agencies Play Hot Potato on LNG Emissions

Expert BlogUnited StatesGillian Giannetti
NRDC’s analysis concludes that if American LNG exports expand as projected, it will be nearly impossible to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Three Lessons Learned from the Axed Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Expert BlogVirginia, West Virginia, North CarolinaGillian Giannetti
This is a significant and long-overdue victory for the landowners, community leaders, countless people across three states, and environmental advocates who have fought this project for years.

SCOTUS Debrief: The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Cowpasture Case

Expert BlogGillian Giannetti
The Supreme Court heard oral argument yesterday on whether the Atlantic Coast Pipeline can lawfully cross the Appalachian Trail on federal land. The justices’ questioning focused on three key questions. First, can the Appalachian Trail be divorced from the land…

A Walk in the Woods: Pipelines and the Appalachian Trail

Expert BlogSharon Buccino, Gillian Giannetti
Nearly fifty years ago, Congress amended the Mineral Leasing Act to shield federal Park System lands from fossil fuel development. Despite this, in an unprecedented move, the developers of the beleaguered Atlantic Coast Pipeline want to cut through the Appalachian…

Virginia: Remember, and Protect, Union Hill

Expert BlogGillian Giannetti
Dominion Energy was in court again on Tuesday for its unnecessary Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which is proposed for Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia and would cross the Appalachian Trail as well as several historic and vulnerable communities. The case…

Reconsidering the Economics of Gas Pipelines

Expert BlogUnited StatesGillian Giannetti
A Rocky Mountain Institute study finds that gas pipelines and power plants proposed today are at a high risk of becoming stranded by 2035, as cheaper, cleaner energy alternatives outcompete them. Such a result would leave millions of ordinary consumers…

Three Strikes, You’re Out: The Unneeded Jordan Cove Project

Expert BlogGillian Giannetti
The Jordan Cove Energy Project in Oregon, is now back at FERC—for the third time—seeking the green light to build a massive pipeline and LNG export terminal. NRDC, in partnership with the law firm Eubanks & Associates, recently filed comments…

After Broad Run, FERC's GHG Policy Is on Thin Ice

Expert BlogGillian Giannetti
The DC Circuit fired a warning shot this week at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and its analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with gas pipeline projects. The court rejected the core legal arguments that underpin the agency’s policy…

FERC Can't Just Check the Climate Box

Expert BlogGillian Giannetti
In its order approving the Calcasieu Pass LNG terminal, FERC announced a "new approach" for considering the direct greenhouse gas effects of LNG facilities. FERC’s “new approach”—applied over Commissioner Richard Glick’s dissent—falls far short of what is required under both…

McNamee Should Recuse Himself in FERC Resilience Dockets

Expert BlogGillian Giannetti
The Natural Resources Defense Council today joined with other organizations in formally asking new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Commissioner Bernard McNamee to recuse himself from two pending proceedings related to the Department of Energy’s proposal to bail out coal and…

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