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LA County Takes Historic Steps to Phase Out Oil Drilling

Expert BlogCalifornia, Los AngelesDamon Nagami

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to start the process of phasing out oil drilling in unincorporated parts of the County, including within the largest urban oil field in the country.

Culver City Votes to Phase Out Oil Drilling

Expert BlogCaliforniaDamon Nagami

The Culver City Council voted 4-1 last Thursday night to phase out oil drilling within its portion of the Inglewood Oil Field. This vote was a bold and unprecedented step that residents and advocates have been pushing toward for many…

Casitas Lofts Will Set Dangerous Precedent Along LA River

Expert BlogCalifornia, Los AngelesDamon Nagami

Casitas Lofts—the proposed luxury housing development along the Los Angeles River—is still alive and poised to exacerbate LA’s housing crisis while cutting off access to nature for low-income neighborhoods along the L.A. River

Los Angeles Edges Closer to Phasing Out Urban Oil Drilling

Expert BlogLos AngelesDamon Nagami
The Los Angeles City Council’s Energy, Climate Change, and Environmental Justice Committee earlier this month voted unanimously to pass a motion to pursue a citywide phase-out of oil drilling.

Victory! San Onofre Saved Permanently From Road Construction

Expert BlogDamon Nagami
After a hard-fought campaign by NRDC and our Save San Onofre coalition partners that has spanned almost two decades, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill (AB) 1426 by Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath, which ensures no road infrastructure can be built…

Community Experts on Equitable Access to Nature in LA

Expert BlogRamya Sivasubramanian, Damon Nagami
Four community experts share their insights on how systemic racism has deprived low-income communities of color of access to parks and nature—and what they're doing to change that.

Advancing Park Equity in Los Angeles and Beyond

Expert BlogLos AngelesDamon Nagami
Experts discuss how they fight against systems of power that have decided who does—and does not—get to have access to parks, open spaces, and nature.

California Seeks to Reduce Inequity in Access to Nature

Expert BlogCaliforniaDrevet Hunt, Damon Nagami
Natural spaces like rivers, beaches, wetlands, and forests are critical to human health and well-being. California's legislature is poised to take action to ensure access to nature for all its citizens by enacting AB3030.

Three Reasons the Casitas Lofts Project Is a Bad Idea

Expert BlogDamon Nagami
The restoration of the Los Angeles River offers an unrivaled 51 miles of opportunity to provide access to nature for the one million Angelenos living within walking distance of the River, many of whom live in park-poor neighborhoods.

Planning for Equitable Development Along the LA River

Expert BlogDamon Nagami
I was in New York City a couple weeks ago and walked along the High Line, the hugely popular 1.5-mile elevated greenway in Chelsea that transformed a long-forgotten stretch of rail line into a bustling public green space.

Protect CA from Trump-Supported Desert Water Mining Project

Expert BlogDamon Nagami
Like many other southern Californians, I know we’re extremely lucky to have the Mojave Desert right here in our own backyard. Just a short drive can take you to see brilliant spring wildflowers, windswept Joshua tree landscapes, an endless star-filled…

Angelenos Take a Stand Against Urban Oil Drilling

Expert BlogDamon Nagami
Companies are pumping oil out of the ground every day in Los Angeles, exposing nearby residents to a toxic cocktail of health-threatening emissions. Safeguards for communities at the city, state, and federal levels have lagged far behind where they should…

The Dump Got Dumped

Expert BlogDamon Nagami
A disastrous landfill project in San Diego County today got trashed when the Pala Band of Mission Indians announced it is buying part of the land for which the project had been planned. The sale ends a decades-long fight to…

Protect Monterey's Water and Communities: Yes on Measure Z

Expert BlogDamon Nagami
In California and all across America, fracking for oil and gas has left a toxic legacy that is contaminating lands, polluting groundwater and harming the health of people who live in nearby communities. Measure Z, which is on the ballot…

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