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Saving Lives by Delivering Safe Streets for All

Expert BlogUnited StatesDeron Lovaas
The U.S. Department of Transportation provided funding for 510 Safe Streets for All projects—projects that will lead to a better, safer transportation system.

Meeting the Moment of Our Housing Crisis

Expert BlogUnited StatesDeron Lovaas, Sabrina Johnson

Climate justice begins when we recognize the adverse effects of extreme weather to our communities and the world and advocate to mitigate those costs and damage to us all. 

PROTECTing Transportation Infrastructure from Climate Change

Expert BlogUnited StatesDeron Lovaas, Juanita Constible

Thanks to decades of inaction by federal and state governments, our transportation system is not prepared. PROTECT is a big step forward toward resilience. States should fully devote all of these funds toward effective climate resilience projects.

The Senate’s Historic Opportunity to Lower Your Energy Bill

Expert BlogUnited States, Washington, D.C.Lauren Urbanek, Deron Lovaas

Buildings are responsible for about 40 percent of carbon emissions in the United States—but the investments in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 will help to substantially reduce emissions from our buildings while lowering energy costs for consumers and improving…

Senate’s EV Investments Will Cut Energy Bills and Pollution

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Simon Mui, Luke Tonachel, Deron Lovaas

The newly released Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has strong provisions for reducing consumers’ pain at the gas pump, supporting American manufacturing and energy security, and improving public health and the climate by cutting pollution.

Reducing Carbon Pollution from Transportation

Expert BlogUnited StatesDeron Lovaas
This week the U.S. Department of Transportation delivered new guidance for a key program in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Carbon Reduction Program.

Funding Both Sides of a War

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalDeron Lovaas
It’s unavoidably true that we remain addicted to oil.

Investing in a Clean, Just Transportation Future

Expert BlogUnited StatesDeron Lovaas
While the Proposed federal budget simply fulfills the commitments made in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, it also delivers an enormous toolbox to deliver better mobility and access to low-income communities.

Tapping the Infrastructure Bill to Break Our Oil Addiction

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalDeron Lovaas
We’ve seen this movie before. International conflict and global marketplace trends drive up the price of oil. The price at the pump goes up. And people suffer, especially those who can least afford it.

Honoring Rosa Parks by Demanding Transit Equity

Expert BlogUnited StatesDeron Lovaas
Rosa Parks took a historic stand for justice by refusing to give up her seat on a bus. Her inspiring vision was a lifelong commitment to the hard work of activism.

Infrastructure Law Is a Chance to Build with Clean Materials

Expert BlogUnited StatesDeron Lovaas, Sasha Stashwick
Secretary Buttigieg must not overlook the opportunity to pair billions in infrastructure investments with programs to purchase low carbon construction materials—building railways, roads, and bridges with cleaner concrete, cement, and steel.

Climate Champs Pressure Georgia Department of Transportation

Expert BlogGeorgiaDeron Lovaas
Will the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (IIJA, P.L 117-58) perform well vis-à-vis important goals, especially tackling climate change and improving racial equity? It all depends on how it’s implemented.

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