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Canada’s Forward Step on Climate Falls Short

Expert BlogCanadaAnthony Swift
Canada’s failure to commit to reducing its emissions by up to 52 percent by 2030 puts it out of step with the United States, demonstrating a failure to come to grips with the long term trajectory of its tar sands…

Canadian Trade Group Opposes U.S. Anti-Deforestation Bills

Expert BlogCanada, New York, CaliforniaAnthony Swift
The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) claims that applying proposed anti-deforestation legislation in California and New York to the boreal forest would threaten its business model.

Biden's Rejection of Keystone XL Signals a New Era

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
The Biden-Harris administration’s decision to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline on its first day turns the page on a 12-year fight over the energy future of our country and sets the stage for a more prosperous future powered…

Biden's Defense of Nature Protects Climate and Biodiversity

Expert BlogUnited StatesAnthony Swift, Dr. Lisa Suatoni
Biden's promise to protect 30% of terrestrial and marine ecosystems by 2030 is a critical part of a strategy to stop climate change, prevent species collapse and enhance the resiliency of our natural world and the communities that rely on…

Federal Court Halts Trump Attempt to Fast-track Keystone XL

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
A federal court in Montana has revoked a key permit and TC Energy’s approvals to construct Keystone XL through approximately 700 water crossings in the United States along the tar sands pipeline’s route, upending the company's plans to construct the…

IPCC Climate Report: Time to Rethink How We Use Forests

Expert BlogInternational, CanadaAnthony Swift, Jennifer Skene

The IPCC Special Report on Lands and Climate highlights the central role global intact forests must place in preventing catastrophic climate change and highlights the need to transform how we use our forests. As a starting place, we must stop…

Can We Talk About Toilet Paper?

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
We’re destroying forest ecosystems—and ancient, sacred First Nations communities—to satisfy the market for this everyday consumer product. We can and must do better.

Canada at the Crossroads

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau live up to his early promise as an international environmental leader? Or will he and his government revert to business as usual?

NRDC Report Calls on Canada to Protect the Boreal Forest

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
The true cost of the paper towel roll in your kitchen and the box of tissues in your living room is far more than you might think. Many of the items we use on a daily basis—and throw away after…

Chiefs at UN Call on Canada to Respect Indigenous Lands

Expert BlogAnthony Swift
Protecting the environment is inseparable from protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples. In contrast to dominant modern models of individual ownership and resource extraction, Indigenous Peoples have depended on and cared for the land for millennia. Environmental stewardship is deeply…

Canadian Government Report: Caribou Habitat Unprotected

Expert BlogAnthony Swift, Jennifer Skene
A greatly anticipated Canadian federal government report released today paints a dire picture for the future of boreal caribou, showing that provinces and territories have almost entirely failed to protect the threatened species.

The Waswanipi Cree Tirelessly Defend Their Boreal Homeland

Expert BlogAnthony Swift, Jennifer Skene
The Waswanipi Cree are locked in a decades long struggle to protect the last intact portion of their tradition territory in the boreal forest - and their very way of life - from the continued encroachment of industrial logging.

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