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Now We All Have to Be Wind, Solar, and Transmission Builders

Expert BlogUnited StatesNathanael Greene, Jacqueline Ennis
The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act marks an unprecedented opportunity to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Clean energy advocates need to shift from working to make renewables and transmission cheaper—to making them easier to build.

Learning Curves and Enhanced Geothermal (Part 2 of 2)

Expert BlogUnited StatesNathanael Greene, Yeh-Tang Huang
Learning curves, enhanced geothermal power, and speculating about what learning curves can tell us about the future of the cost of enhanced geothermal power.

A Way Forward Toward Reducing Local Opposition to Renewables

Expert BlogUnited StatesCullen Howe, Nathanael Greene
The hard truth is that we need to move quickly if we are to stop the worst effects of climate change. At the same time, we need to make sure that the clean energy transition is done in an equitable…

NY Solar Milestone Proves Policies Work

Expert BlogNew YorkCullen Howe, Nathanael Greene
New York has become the top community solar market in the U.S., with more than one gigawatt (GW) of community solar installed and operational—enough to provide clean energy to more than 200,000 homes across the state.

Doing the Right Thing for Wind and Solar Power

Expert BlogUnited StatesNathanael Greene

Clean power just keeps winning and winning in the marketplace. According to the Energy Information Administration, wind and solar power made up 74 percent of new electricity generation. But the big story of 2021 is around solar.

A Sunny Outlook for Solar Energy

Expert BlogUnited StatesNathanael Greene

Here’s some incredible news out of the Department of Energy (DOE): We can expand our solar energy 40-fold over the next 30 years, eliminate carbon emissions from the power grid and create a stunning $1.7 trillion in net economic and…

Offshore Wind Gets the Go-Ahead

Expert BlogUnited StatesNathanael Greene, Alison Chase

Federal approval of the first utility-scale offshore wind project in U.S. waters, Vineyard Wind I, is an important milestone in America’s offshore wind journey.

Make It Modular: Why Wind and Solar Are So Resilient

Expert BlogTexasNathanael Greene

Wind and solar power were not the primary cause of the grid failure in Texas—the main culprit was fossil gas plants that went offline. In fact, wind and solar are intrinsically more reliable than fossil power, but not in the…

In 2021 It's Off to the Races for Offshore Wind

Expert BlogNathanael Greene
This is the year offshore wind goes from learning to walk to an all-out sprint. The first two weeks of 2021 contained big news for this critical source of clean energy, and this week’s inauguration of President Joe Biden will…

The History and Future of Renewables Rhyme with Growth

Expert BlogUnited StatesNathanael Greene
Mark Twain supposedly said, “history doesn't repeat itself, but It often rhymes.” On the cusp of 2021, here are three rhyming examples from the world of renewables: green hydrogen, offshore wind and renewable energy jobs.

Offshore Wind: Gearing Up for Liftoff

Expert BlogNathanael Greene, Cullen Howe
Offshore wind took a major leap forward in 2019, with seven states setting goals to collectively procure nearly 27 GW of offshore wind by 2035. Once built, these wind projects will produce enough elecity to power 20 million homes while…

Santa Claus Coming to Town? Maybe. Wind & Solar? Definitely.

Expert BlogNathanael Greene
Wind and solar power continued to make great gains in 2019. Would they have made greater gains with a more supportive president? Absolutely. Are the gains enough to stave off the worst effects of the climate crisis? Not by a…

Beautiful Block Island Wind Farm and Beautiful Graphics

Expert BlogNathanael Greene, Jessica Russo
On June 25, my colleagues, Jessica Russo and Marc Boom, and I were lucky to be invited on a tour of first offshore wind project in U.S. waters, the Block Island Project, which is now owned by Orsted. Jessica made…

Cheapest AND Cleanest: Renewables Are Winning

Expert BlogNathanael Greene
As 2018 closes, it’s now safe to say that clean renewable energy is at an inflection point. Cost is no longer the biggest challenge to greater adoption of wind and solar; it is now the rules of the power markets…

Trees! The IPCC Should Be Loving These Trees

Expert BlogNathanael Greene
The IPCC report is terrifying in its clinical description of the floods, fires, droughts, and starvation we will suffer, and the homes and lives that will be destroyed. To help us get out from under our covers, the wonderful people…

Don't Throw Good Climate Money After Bad with BECCS

Expert BlogNathanael Greene
Following on the IPCC compiled 130 modeled scenarios that overwhelmingly concluded governments will fail to control global warming emissions and need to such CO2 out of the air. the UK government appears to be interested in supporting bioenergy coupled with…

Trump Is Playing Mr. Grinch with Renewable Energy

Expert BlogNathanael Greene
Throughout 2017, when it comes to wind and solar, the Trump administration has been doing its best Grinch impersonation—he and his team seem to want to be the executive branch that stole our clean energy future.

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