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Driving Ambition, Action, and Equity at COP28 (Part 2)

Expert BlogInternationalJake Schmidt, Brendan Guy, Joe Thwaites, Shruti Shukla, Jennifer Skene, Prima Madan, Pete Budden, Yvette Cabrera

At COP28, countries, companies, investors, and other decision-makers sent a clear signal to spur greater action now and increase ambition this decisive decade.

2023 Wins in Food Waste & What’s Next in 2024

Expert BlogInternational, United StatesYvette Cabrera, Madeline Keating, Darby Hoover, Nina Sevilla, Andrea Collins, Anya Obrez

NRDC’s food waste team reflects on all we’ve accomplished this year and what we’re most excited for in 2024

Food Matters: Year-in-Review

Expert BlogWashington, D.C.Madeline Keating, Darby Hoover, Nina Sevilla, Anya Obrez, Andrea Collins, Yvette Cabrera

Through NRDC's Food Matters initiative, U.S. cities work to prevent food from becoming waste, rescue surplus food, and recycle food scraps. 

2022 Wins in Food Waste & What’s Next in 2023

Expert BlogUnited StatesYvette Cabrera, Nina Sevilla, Andrea Collins, Darby Hoover, Madeline Keating
NRDC’s food waste team reflects on all we’ve accomplished this year and what we’re most excited for in 2023.

Food Waste Needed in Nationally Determined Contributions

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalYvette Cabrera
To drive down emissions and keep global warming below the critical 1.5ºC, food loss and waste reduction is a top climate solution that must be accounted for in countries’ Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) towards the Paris Climate Agreement.

New Bill Would Improve Donation of Surplus Food

Expert BlogUnited StatesYvette Cabrera, Nina Sevilla
The Food Donation Improvement Act of 2021 would address the current limitations of the 1996 Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act—and is a critical step towards increasing the amount of surplus food that is donated.

Opportunities to Reduce Food Waste in the 2023 Farm Bill

Expert BlogUnited StatesYvette Cabrera, Nina Sevilla
A new report provides recommendations across food waste prevention, surplus food rescue, food waste recycling, and coordination in food waste policy in the 2023 Farm Bill.

IPCC: Food Systems Adaptation Is Critical

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalMadeline Keating, Yvette Cabrera, Lena Brook, Claire O'Connor
We need sweeping climate action—and we cannot afford to overlook our food system in that effort. With powerful legislation, sustained funding, and action from businesses, institutions, and consumers, we can do it.

Funding Food Waste Solutions in the Infrastructure Act

Expert BlogUnited StatesYvette Cabrera, Madeline Keating
The investments in the Infrastructure Act geared towards food waste reduction can help achieve several benefits, including reduced climate emissions, healthier soils, and job creation.

2021 Year-In-Review: Food Waste

Expert BlogUnited StatesMadeline Keating, Darby Hoover, Yvette Cabrera, Nina Sevilla, Andrea Collins

We are in the critical decade for food waste action. As we progress toward our national goal to reduce food waste generation by 50% by 2030, despite navigating life through a pandemic, good work to reduce food waste continues. This…

Federal Food Waste Bills Offer Climate Solution

Expert BlogUnited StatesDarby Hoover, Yvette Cabrera

Two bills introduced in the House recognize the importance of reducing food waste to tackle the climate crisis, and lay the groundwork for quality job creation, significant GHG reductions, and improved soil health.