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CA’s Transformative Food & Farm Campaign Will Continue in 2024

Expert BlogCaliforniaArohi Sharma, Lena Brook
The California Legislature adjourned in September, officially turning the Food & Farm Resilience Coalition's climate bond campaign into a two-year effort. The bill proposes $3.65 billion for infrastructure that would reduce agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions while bringing healthier food options…

Grow Organic Campaign Congressional Briefing

Expert BlogUnited StatesLena Brook

A diverse array of organic agriculture experts come together to share their perspectives on how and why Congress needs to make deeper investments in organic farming and ranching. 

McDonald’s Updated Antibiotics Policy Is an Optical Illusion

Expert BlogUnited StatesLena Brook
Two years after failing to meet the timelines of its own 2018 policy to address antibiotic overuse in beef, McDonald’s decided to quietly issue an update that takes the company further away from its goals.

WH Hunger Strategy Should Advance Equity, Health & Wealth

Expert BlogUnited StatesAllison Johnson, Nina Sevilla, Lena Brook

The upcoming White House conference presents a rare opportunity for the Biden administration and Congress to advance racial justice, health, environmental protection, and local prosperity. 

Organic Agriculture Helps Solve Climate Change

Expert BlogUnited States, CaliforniaLena Brook

As farmers grapple with everything from extreme weather events to heat stress to wildfires, and agriculture becomes less predictable in the face of a changing climate, it is essential for governments to help farmers transition to practices that increase resilience…

Let’s Help More California Farms Become Organic

Expert BlogCaliforniaLena Brook
The California Department of Food and Agriculture, along with the Office of the First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, recently released a roadmap for our state’s new and ambitious Farm to School Program.

USDA Needs Tools to Address Pandemic, Empower Farmers

Expert BlogUnited StatesMatthew Kaplan, Lena Brook
The nation can and must support vital public health investments and nimble food systems as climate change increasingly threatens food and nutrition security.

IPCC: Food Systems Adaptation Is Critical

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalMadeline Keating, Yvette Cabrera, Lena Brook, Claire O'Connor
We need sweeping climate action—and we cannot afford to overlook our food system in that effort. With powerful legislation, sustained funding, and action from businesses, institutions, and consumers, we can do it.

New CA Program Can Deliver Organic School Lunches

Expert BlogCaliforniaLena Brook

By prioritizing procurement from organic farmers that avoid all or most pesticide use, our state’s farm-to-school program will also help reduce health risks faced by these especially vulnerable children. 

Proposed Newsom Budget Doubles Down on Climate, Food, and Ag

Expert BlogCaliforniaLena Brook, Arohi Sharma
Governor Newsom’s newly released proposal rightfully recognizes the profound impact of climate change on our state’s food and agriculture system and the need for significant investment.

Helping Level the Playing Field for Farmers and Ranchers

Expert BlogUnited StatesLena Brook
Commenting on Biden's Action Plan for a Fairer, More Competitive, and More Resilient Meat and Poultry Supply Chain, NRDC called on the administration to break up the power of big corporations.

Chance for a More Resilient and Equitable Food System in CA

Expert BlogCaliforniaLena Brook, Arohi Sharma
With AB 125, California has an opportunity to reshape our food and farming system to help protect workers in fields, kitchens, and grocery stores while providing our most vulnerable communities improved access to healthy, sustainably produced food.

Livestock Drug Surge Sparks Need for Urgent Action

Expert BlogInternational, United StatesDavid Wallinga, MD, Lena Brook
Sales of livestock antibiotics have risen for the second straight year. The alarming trend underscores how urgently federal leadership is needed to protect us from future infections untreatable with antibiotics.