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Biden Administration Must Redo Its Assessment of Dakota Access Pipeline

Expert BlogNorth Dakota, South DakotaDr. Michele Bustamante, Amy Mall, Dr. Matthew McKinzie, Dr. Jennifer Sass, Dawn Woodard

The recent Draft Environmental Impact Statement ignores the threats to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s drinking water source and violates tribal treaty rights and sovereignty in a severe environmental injustice.

EPA Bans Chlorpyrifos on Food Crops

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Jennifer Sass
This victory for health and safety has been delayed by over 20 years—decades of poisoned wildlife and people, especially children, could have been avoided with prudent early action.

Evidence Evaluation of Early Warnings to Protect Health

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Jennifer Sass

Scientists are trained to question and probe uncertainties, which is valuable for scientific progress, but not necessarily helpful for clear communication of the evidence to support protective policies and timely action.

NRDC Briefs Congress on Neonic Pesticide Human Health Harms

Expert BlogDr. Jennifer Sass
One of the main reasons that neonics are so harmful is that they are designed to be systemic—that is, to get into the system of the plant, making the pollen, nectar, and other parts of the plan toxic to insects…

EPA Attack on Science Targets Animal Tests

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Jennifer Sass
Instead of protecting animals, and people, the recent EPA announcement will fast-track chemicals onto the market with limited or flawed toxicity testing.

NRDC Joins Medical Experts: Drinking Perchlorate Is Bad!

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Jennifer Sass

Don’t want toxic rocket fuel in your drinking water? Don’t like feeding your family chemicals that block thyroid function and interfere with growth and brain development? Then you will hate the Trump EPA’s proposal to set a drinking water limit…

ATSDR Report Confirms Glyphosate Cancer Risks

Expert BlogDr. Jennifer Sass
This week the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) released the long-awaited Draft Toxicological Profile for Glyphosate. And, it supports and strengthens the 2015 cancer assessment of another health agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Mosquitoes and Ticks Are No Fun!

Expert BlogDr. Jennifer Sass
But, we don't have to poison our property, kill off butterflies and beneficial insects, put our pet's health at risk, and leave toxic chemical residues all over lawn furniture and children's outdoor play toys.

Neonic Pesticide May Become More Toxic in Tap Water

Expert BlogDr. Jennifer Sass
Pesticide water monitoring experts at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) paired up with scientists from the University of Iowa in a federally-funded collaboration to track neonicotinoid pesticides or “neonics” in tap water, including the potential to form chlorinated disinfection byproducts…