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CA Addressed Plastic Waste; Now We Need Action on Toxics in Plastics

Expert BlogCalifornia, United StatesDr. Anna Reade, Avinash Kar, Dr. Veena Singla

Last year, California made large strides towards addressing the pressing problem of proliferating plastic waste. But the Ohio train derailment shows why we also need action on toxics in plastics. 

CA Legislature Turning Off Tap on PFAS “Forever” Chemicals

Expert BlogCaliforniaAvinash Kar

The end of the legislative session in California brought welcome news on PFAS, a class of toxic “forever” chemicals consisting of 12,000+ chemicals. Several pieces of legislation addressing this toxic and persistent class of chemicals moved forward.

New CA Law Will Protect Residents from Toxic PFAS Chemicals

Expert BlogCaliforniaAvinash Kar

Governor Newsom’s signature today put in place a new law authored by Assembly Member Ting that bans PFAS in paper-based food packaging, requires disclosure of chemicals of concern (such as PFAS) in cookware, and prohibits misleading advertising about the presence…

CA Bill to Reduce Toxic PFAS Exposures Passed by Legislature

Expert BlogCaliforniaAvinash Kar

The California Legislature took an important step to protect Californians from toxic, “forever” PFAS chemicals by passing Assembly Bill 1200 (Ting) today. Having passed on the Senate floor 36-0, the bill now goes to the Governor.

CA Bill Would Ensure Safer Food Packaging

Expert BlogCaliforniaAvinash Kar, Dr. Anna Reade
The California Assembly took another step to protect Californians from toxic, “forever” PFAS chemicals by passing Assembly Bill 1200 (Ting) today.

Testing Shows Toxics in Crib Mattresses; NY Can Help End It

Expert BlogAvinash Kar
A recent report from the Getting Ready for Baby campaign reveals a troubling matter: tests carried out by the campaign indicate that many crib mattresses still contain multiple chemicals of concern, including toxic flame retardant chemicals. The report states that…

New Data: Animal vs. Human Antibiotic Use Remains Lopsided

Expert BlogDavid Wallinga, MD, Avinash Kar
To prepare for future disease threats—like drug-resistant superbugs—information is critical. New, non-public data shows that 44 percent more antibiotics of medical important are sold for cows and pigs than for human medicine.

As Maryland Bans Toxic Flame Retardants, Eyes on New York

Expert BlogAvinash Kar
In these troubled times, good news out of Maryland. Yesterday, legislation banning the use of toxic flame retardant chemicals in upholstered furniture, certain children’s products, and mattress foam became law.

Proposed Maryland Legislation Addresses Toxic Chemicals

Expert BlogTom Hucker, Avinash Kar
Proposed legislation in Maryland would ban flame retardants in furniture, children’s products, and mattress foam; would phase out the use of the brain-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos; and would address lead in school drinking water.

CA Lagging Behind on PFAS, But Has the Chance to Do It Right

Expert BlogDr. Anna Reade, Avinash Kar
The estimated number of Californians affected by water contaminated by toxic PFAS chemicals is rising. Data released just last week confirms that California has cause for worry, and underscores that the state should act now to protect its residents. Here…

Fire Safety Without Toxic Chemicals

Expert BlogAvinash Kar
Flame retardant chemicals have been linked to a variety of adverse health effects, including impaired brain development, reproductive problems, and cancers. Firefighters and children face especially high exposures and risks.

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