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Closing the Gap to Protect Illinois Wetlands

Expert BlogIllinoisBecky Hammer

A bill to protect Illinois’ remaining wetlands is moving forward in the state legislature, seeking to close a regulatory gap created by the Supreme Court.

House Committee Makes Down Payment on Clean Water Needs

Expert BlogUnited StatesBecky Hammer

The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee is moving forward with a measure that would invest $3.7 billion in critical wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. These resources—while a drop in the metaphorical bucket compared to the hundreds of billions of dollars needed…

To Save Species, Protect 30% of Freshwaters by 2030

Expert BlogDrevet Hunt, Becky Hammer
As the world comes together to celebrate the importance of biodiversity, it’s a good time to pause and reflect upon the importance of freshwater to the Earth and all its inhabitants. Rivers, lakes, and wetlands are home to an extraordinary…

Brewers Oppose Weakening Coal Plant Water Pollution Limits

Expert BlogUnited StatesBecky Hammer

Today, 48 craft breweries around the country submitted a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency opposing the agency's proposal to weaken water pollution safeguards for coal-burning power plants.

With More Big Storms, We Need More Infrastructure Funding

Expert BlogBecky Hammer
Yesterday’s record-breaking rain in the DC area showed just how unprepared we are for the storms that climate change is making more intense and more frequent. The flood tested our region’s water infrastructure, and we failed the test.

Craft Brewers Oppose New Water Pollution Loophole

Expert BlogBecky Hammer
Today, 38 craft breweries around the country submitted a letter opposing the Environmental Protection Agency's proposal to stop controlling pollution that flows through groundwater into rivers, streams, and lakes.

NRDC Wins Court Victory on Stormwater Pollution in Baltimore

Expert BlogBecky Hammer
A federal district court in Maryland ruled that the U.S. EPA wrongfully denied our petition to regulate harmful runoff pollution from commercial, industrial, and institutional sites in Baltimore’s Back River watershed.

Craft Brewers Oppose the Dirty Water Rule

Expert BlogBecky Hammer
A group of 59 craft breweries sent a letter to the EPA and Army Corps opposing the "Dirty Water Rule" proposal to slash clean water protections for waterways around the country.