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Why Do Water Bills Vary So Wildly?

Expert BlogUnited States, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, New HampshireLarry Levine

A new study holds lessons for water affordability.

NJ Extends Utility Shutoff Moratorium Through End of Year

Expert BlogNew JerseyLarry Levine

NJ extends shutoff protection, through 2021, to millions at risk of losing water, electric, and gas service. A necessary step, while the state works to secure financial support for families that fell behind on utility bills during the COVID-19 emergency.

A New Customer Bill of Rights: Affordable Utility Services

Expert BlogIllinois, United StatesDeron Lovaas, Larry Levine
The vital need for uninterrupted utility service was evident before the coronavirus pandemic, but the COVID-19 public health emergency has reinforced the essential nature of utility service and the threats of energy and water poverty.

Federal COVID-19 Relief for Water & Sewer Bills

Expert BlogUnited StatesLarry Levine
Maintaining access to water and other essential utility services remains as vital as ever to safeguard public health, as the pandemic continues.

Water vs. Energy: Solving the COVID-19 Utility Crisis

Expert BlogUnited StatesLarry Levine
States and the federal government must act now to preserve essential water service during the pandemic—and keep customers from being mired in debt they cannot escape.

New York: Protect People from Water Shutoffs During COVID-19

Expert BlogJoan Leary Matthews, Larry Levine
Over the summer, New York State did the right thing for utility customers feeling the severe economic downturn during the pandemic. The state adopted legislation (Laws of 2020, Chapters 108 and 126) requiring all utilities—water, gas, electric, telephone—to stop shutting…

Congress & States Must Protect Water Access During COVID-19

Expert BlogLarry Levine
Congress and the states must act to prevent a tsunami of water shutoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many state water shutoff moratoria expire. And most have states never offered that protection at all.

Data Show Millions at Risk of Water Shutoffs During COVID-19

Expert BlogUnited StatesJoan Leary Matthews, Larry Levine

To protect ourselves from the coronavirus, health officials repeatedly tell us to “wash our hands.” Many people can do that, but if you don’t have water in your home because it has been shut off by the water utility, you…

Governors: Safe, Clean Water Is Essential in COVID-19 Crisis

Expert BlogLarry Levine
“Wash your hands.” “Stay at home.” We hear this sound advice repeatedly during the COVID-19 crisis. But you can only follow these directives if you have water—for handwashing, drinking, cooking, cleaning, and sanitation. Unfortunately, many people in the United States…

A Wet 2018 Saw Sharp Rise in NYC Sewage Alerts: 1 in 3 Days

Expert BlogLarry Levine
With climate change driving increased precipitation in the northeast, 2018 brought not only one of the wettest years on record in New York City, but also a sharp increase in sewage overflows. For local waterways, and an antiquated sewer system…

Basic Fairness: Access to Water & Sewer Service in Michigan

Expert BlogLarry Levine
In this country, in this day and age, it’s shameful that our public water systems often struggle to provide safe, sufficient, affordable, accessible water for the people those systems were built to serve.