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Six Colorado Basin States Lay Down a Marker for California

Expert BlogArizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, WestEd Osann
The "Consensus Based Modeling Alternative" is a positive development in addressing the current water emergency. It’s unfortunate that California did not join in this recommendation.

California's Colorado River Reckoning

Expert BlogCaliforniaEd Osann
If you thought the consequences of climate change could be left to your children and grandchildren to deal with, 2023 will bring a different message. The era of the Colorado River as a security blanket for Southern California is over.

The Show’s Over: Showerhead Efficiency Standard Is Restored

Expert BlogUnited StatesEd Osann
The US Department of Energy finalized a rule this week that eliminates the Trump-era change that allowed for the sale of new multi-nozzle showerhead arrays to bypass the efficiency standard in place for showerheads since 1994.

Colorado Basin Shortages Point to Need for State Action

Expert BlogColoradoEd Osann

This year's unprecedented shortage declaration for the Colorado River should galvanize all Colorado Basin states to redouble their efforts to curtail wasteful and unnecessary uses of water and build more resilient communities. 

On Tap from DOE: Cold Showers and Wasted Water

Expert BlogUnited StatesEd Osann
The Trump administration sent decades of progress on water and energy efficiency for U.S. showers down the drain with a radically irresponsible and illegal rule for showerheads.

Trump Attacks on Energy Efficient Appliances Are Baseless

Expert BlogUnited StatesNoah Horowitz, Ed Osann
President Trump is attacking energy-efficient appliances, using a blend of exaggeration, falsehoods, and innuendo that ignores the huge savings in energy and money that efficiency standards are delivering to America’s homes and businesses.

1,100 Reports Missing: NRDC Files Suit on Water-Saving Rules

Expert BlogEd Osann
The Natural Resources Defense Council took the unprecedented step of filing a class action lawsuit against a proposed class of more than half of all cities and counties in California over their failure to report on their local permit programs…

New CA Lawn Sprinkler Standards = Huge Water & Energy Savings

Expert BlogCaliforniaEd Osann

California officials have adopted one of the most important and consequential water-saving measures ever implemented by any state, establishing an efficiency standard for new spray sprinklers that will reduce irrigation system misting and overspray that is common around urban landscapes.

Keeping Water Demand in Check

Expert BlogUnited States, California, Los AngelesEd Osann

A new tool is shedding light on a growing mismatch between the supply and demand of fresh water.

NRDC Sues CA Cities Over Lax Landscape Water Requirements

Expert BlogEd Osann
For California to support a growing economy with reliable supplies of drinking water, it is critical that all new urban landscapes be designed and installed to be water-efficient, as well as attractive.

25 Years of Water Efficiency Across the US

Expert BlogEd Osann
Over the past quarter century, standards for plumbing fixtures and appliances such as shower heads, washing machines, and toilets, have saved taxpayers billions of dollars while protecting water resources across the country—and they’re still working today.