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NRDC Food Matters Initiative Expands to More Cities

Expert BlogUnited StatesMadeline Keating
NRDC is partnering with additional cities across the United States to develop policies and programs and facilitate peer-to-peer learning to reduce food waste.

2022 Wins in Food Waste & What’s Next in 2023

Expert BlogUnited StatesYvette Cabrera, Nina Sevilla, Andrea Collins, Darby Hoover, Madeline Keating
NRDC’s food waste team reflects on all we’ve accomplished this year and what we’re most excited for in 2023.

Celebrating Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Food Matters Cohorts

Expert BlogBaltimore, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C.Madeline Keating, Darby Hoover
This month, we mark the successful completion of our two-year partnerships with the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast cohorts. Our work with Great Lakes cities will continue in 2023.

Community Perspectives: Wasted Food in Philadelphia

Expert BlogPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaAndrea Collins, Madeline Keating

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to crafting inclusive food waste prevention messaging. Philadelphia worked with community-based organizations to run community focus groups to better understand the biggest barriers to preventing food from becoming waste in local communities.

Food Waste Reduction in Chicago’s Climate Action Plan

Expert BlogChicagoMadeline Keating
The plan identifies co-benefits and strategies that are intended to not only drive down carbon emissions but also create a more just and equitable city, where all Chicagoan’s can thrive.

Preventing Wasted Food Across the Food Supply Chain

Expert BlogUnited StatesNina Sevilla, Madeline Keating
There are specific drivers of food waste at every stage of the food supply chain—and while there is no silver bullet solution to address them all, there are actions that have significant environmental, financial, and social benefits.

IPCC: Food Systems Adaptation Is Critical

Expert BlogUnited States, InternationalMadeline Keating, Yvette Cabrera, Lena Brook, Claire O'Connor
We need sweeping climate action—and we cannot afford to overlook our food system in that effort. With powerful legislation, sustained funding, and action from businesses, institutions, and consumers, we can do it.

City and Community Leaders Chat Food and Climate at SXSW

Expert BlogUnited StatesMadeline Keating, Nina Sevilla
Recognizing that community-driven solutions are necessary to equitably mitigate and adapt to climate change and address food waste, NRDC hosted our "City Food Waste: A Burgeoning Climate Solution" panel.

Funding Food Waste Solutions in the Infrastructure Act

Expert BlogUnited StatesYvette Cabrera, Madeline Keating
The investments in the Infrastructure Act geared towards food waste reduction can help achieve several benefits, including reduced climate emissions, healthier soils, and job creation.

2021 Year-In-Review: Food Waste

Expert BlogUnited StatesMadeline Keating, Darby Hoover, Yvette Cabrera, Nina Sevilla, Andrea Collins

We are in the critical decade for food waste action. As we progress toward our national goal to reduce food waste generation by 50% by 2030, despite navigating life through a pandemic, good work to reduce food waste continues. This…

Updated Food Matters Health Department Engagement Guide

Expert BlogUnited StatesMadeline Keating, Nina Sevilla

Health departments and health inspectors, who frequently interact with food facilities, are uniquely positioned to inform food facilities about food waste reduction and food donation.

USDA Community Compost Grants Benefit Food Matters Cities

Expert BlogUnited StatesMadeline Keating, Andrea Collins

USDA has granted $2 million to 24 local governments for community compost and food waste reduction projects, including 4 projects within the Food Matters Regional Initiative locations.

Madison Commits to Food Waste Reduction

Expert BlogWisconsin, MadisonMadeline Keating

A new resolution passed by the Madison, WI Common Council sets a food waste diversion goal of 50% from the landfill by 2030 and commits to establishing metrics for measuring and tracking progress.

Celebrating Year One of the Food Matters Regional Initiative

Expert BlogChicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Madison, Ohio, Baltimore, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, North Carolina, Memphis, OrlandoMadeline Keating, Darby Hoover

A year after the launch of the Food Matters Regional Initiative, we are pleased to report considerable progress and accomplishments from the 15 regional initiative participants.

City-to-City Learning Exchange Helps Reduce Food Waste

Expert BlogUnited StatesNina Sevilla, Madeline Keating

Sharing replicable strategies and lessons learned is critical for wide-scale reduction of food waste. Exchanging knowledge and learnings across cities allows cities to develop and borrow creative solutions to address food waste without recreating the wheel and overburdening staff capacity.

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