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Curb Neonic Use to Save Bees—and Farmers

Expert BlogCaliforniaDaniel Raichel

Toxic "neonic" pesticides threaten bees and Californian's health, but Governor Newsom can help by signing the Pollinator Protection Act this week!

Can NY Protect Bees, Birds, People from Toxic Pesticides?

Expert BlogNew YorkDaniel Raichel
The Birds and Bees Protection Act would eliminate 80-90 percent of the neonics entering New York’s environment every year by prohibiting only those uses that provide little-to-no benefit to users or are easily replaced with safer alternatives.

Infrastructure Bill Boosts Bees, Butterflies

Expert BlogUnited StatesDaniel Raichel

While it may not have grabbed headlines, nestled inside the 2,000+ pages of the $1T bipartisan infrastructure bill President Biden signed into law last week are two programs that will boost bee and butterfly populations across all 50 states.

Chicago, a “Sweet Home” for an Endangered Bee?

Expert BlogChicago, IllinoisDaniel Raichel
The rusty patched bumblebee's appearance in Chicago underscores how one patch of native habitat can be meaningful, but what’s most needed is a network of interconnected habitat so that the bee’s populations can recover and once again thrive.

UPDATED: Science, Polling Support NY Bill to Save Bees

Expert BlogNew YorkDaniel Raichel

Senator Brad Hoylman introduced new language today for the Birds and Bees Protection Act, a bill that would make the state a national leader in safeguarding its bees, birds, water, and people from widespread neonicotinoid pesticide contamination.

CA Rules to Save Bees From Spooky Pesticides Need More Work

Expert BlogCaliforniaDaniel Raichel

As other nations act (and the Trump administration dithers) on restrictions to protect bees, birds, fish, and water supplies from neurotoxic neonicotinoid insecticides (AKA, “neonics”), California once again finds itself in the position of trailblazer.

California Must Regulate Toxic Neonic-Coated Crop Seeds

Expert BlogDaniel Raichel, Samuel Eisenberg
Pesticide-treated seeds, like these, pollute water and harm bees—yet they go unregulated in California. NRDC filed a petition to close a state loophole that lets them fall through the cracks.

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