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We Need More Interregional Transmission Now

Expert BlogUnited StatesCullen Howe
We need FERC to issue a proposed rule that sets the foundation for better interregional transmission to increase reliability and usher in a renewable energy future.

Getting Smart About Transmission Lines: A Southwest Story

Expert BlogCalifornia, ArizonaCullen Howe
Ten West Link demonstrates how we can build infrastructure in a way that is Smart from the Start, a methodology that enables us to build the renewable energy projects we need while protecting wild spaces.

FERC Must Make Transmission Planning Work

Expert BlogCullen Howe
It is up to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to implement new rules that ensure we get the modern, clean, reliable transmission grid we deserve.

A Way Forward Toward Reducing Local Opposition to Renewables

Expert BlogUnited StatesCullen Howe, Nathanael Greene
The hard truth is that we need to move quickly if we are to stop the worst effects of climate change. At the same time, we need to make sure that the clean energy transition is done in an equitable…

NY Solar Milestone Proves Policies Work

Expert BlogNew YorkCullen Howe, Nathanael Greene
New York has become the top community solar market in the U.S., with more than one gigawatt (GW) of community solar installed and operational—enough to provide clean energy to more than 200,000 homes across the state.

MISO Plans for a Clean Energy Future

Expert BlogMidwestCullen Howe
The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) is taking a new approach to how it conducts transmission planning, one that holds great promise.

We Need to Amp Up the Grid—Now

Expert BlogUnited StatesCullen Howe, Tom Rutigliano

Most people believe the United States has a power grid that stretches from coast to coast. But the reality is that we have a patchwork of local and regional grids run by many different utilities. The limited “interregional” transmission lines…

A Chance to Coordinate on Offshore Wind

Expert BlogNew York, New Jersey, EastCullen Howe

Offshore wind energy is essential for transitioning the grid to a clean energy future. Recognizing this reality, coastal states such as New York and New Jersey are working to add more offshore wind to their energy mix but have not…

Building a Better (and Cleaner!) Electric Grid

Expert BlogUnited StatesCullen Howe

Both Congress and federal regulators have before them proposals that will jump-start construction of transmission lines, which are key to enabling the transition to clean energy. A new analysis shows the tremendous climate benefits of building out the electric grid.

DEC Calls for Aggressive Climate Action in Key Guidance

Expert BlogCullen Howe, Christopher Casey
it is up to the Climate Action Council and New York State agencies to use this guidance in the way it is intended—to ensure that the state pursues ambitious greenhouse gas reduction actions that ensure we meet our climate targets…

New York Gives Big Boost to Renewable Energy

Expert BlogNew YorkCullen Howe
The Public Service Commission issued an important order, which sets out a roadmap for achieving the state’s ambitious goal of obtaining 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

NY Can Reimagine Resource Adequacy with New, State-led Model

Expert BlogChristopher Casey, Cullen Howe
New York’s ambitious clean energy agenda is running into a buzz saw in the form of an increasingly discriminatory NYISO capacity market that produces excessive customer costs and significant health impacts; worse yet, those impacts disproportionately harm Black and Brown…