The Maker King

The Maker King -

“One year, he lived in an attic and later in his office, sleeping on cardboard under an old Army blanket. He worked out a deal with the crew team to use its showers, raided undergrad parties for beer, and made lists of school functions where there might be leftover food. His office abutted an old cemetery that had maple trees; Droege convinced the caretaker to let him tap the trees, then boiled down the sap in pans in his lab, using Bunsen burners to make his own syrup. He became notorious for trapping squirrels outside his office window; one year he ate a hundred of them.” —From “The Incubator,” Andy Isaacson’s Audubon profile of biologist Sam Droege, an imaginative eccentric described as the "Johnny Appleseed of citizen science" for creating innovative public projects (many that aim to help preserve pollinators)

6 years ago