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Species Watch

How Are We Running Out of Room for One of the World’s Tiniest Turtles?

The population and habitat of the bog turtle are shrinking into oblivion.

Trump v. Earth

Week 21: The Corporate Takeover of Our National Parks

Welcome to Best Buy’s Yosemite Hiking Center? Glacier National Park, brought to you by Aquafina, and Shenandoah-Verizon, can you hear it now?

Culture & Politics

The Great Barrier Reef: 25,000,000 B.C.– A.D. 2017?

See, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Species Watch

This Tiny Seabird’s Colossal Migration Is in Danger from All Sides

Rufa red knots rely on Delaware’s horseshoe crab–covered beaches, but climate change and development threaten both species’ survival.

Culture & Politics

Trump: A Fool or a Liar on Climate? Take Your Pick.

The president either completely misunderstands the Paris Agreement or has chosen to flagrantly mischaracterize it.

Trump v. Earth

Week 20: Humpty Trumpty’s Wall Goes Solar?

Plus: Dems in Congress get gagged, while oil drillers get ready to make a noisy mess of the Atlantic.