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The planet is our beat.

In the Game of Extinction, It’s Good to Be Average

A new study finds that the world’s largest and smallest species are closest to the brink of oblivion.

Have a Climate Denier Over for Coffee?

A researcher explains the psychological foundation of climate skepticism—and offers a strategy for chipping away at it.

Week 39: Did the EPA Chief’s Cattle Propaganda Video Break the Law?

Scott Pruitt falls out of love with suing the EPA and puts a chemical industry shill on the payroll.

After a Half-Century, Tigers May Return to Kazakhstan

How do you bring tigers back to a region after decades of extinction? First you rebuild their ecosystem.

Week 38: According to Scott Pruitt, Your Children’s Health and Safety Aren’t Worth Much

The EPA administrator devalues our future, Congressman Bishop devalues our history, and industrialists devalue Rick Perry.

The Dangers Our Big Storms Dredge Up

Hurricanes like Harvey and Maria put those who live near toxic waste sites in double jeopardy.