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Week 70: The Trump Administration Joins the Climate Fight . . .on the Side of the Polluters

Also, Zinke takes aim at wolf pups while Pruitt takes aim at reporters.

For Scott Pruitt’s EPA, Preventing Chemical-Plant Explosions Is an “Unnecessary Regulatory Burden”

The survivors of the 2013 disaster in West, Texas, would disagree.

In Upstate New York, a Summer of Climate Change Art

The Storm King Art Center hosts an exhibition exploring the many implications of an environment in transition.

Week 69: Trump Buries Study on Contaminated Drinking Water

Plus, Pruitt is now under 12 separate investigations.

Cities: Where the Wild Things Are

Urban wildlife isn’t in our backyard. We’re in its front yard.

A Single Discarded Fishing Net Can Keep Killing for Centuries

A new report estimates that around 700,000 tons of fishing gear area abandoned in the oceans each year. Now the good news: We can curb this.