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Trump’s Shutdown Is a Snowball Rolling Over the Systems That Protect Americans

And every extra day it lasts, the deleterious effects on our national parks, food inspections, and toxic waste cleanups grow bigger (and more difficult to stop).

Week 104: Government Shutdown! Fire Sale on Federal Land! Every Tree Must Go!

The Interior Department bends the shutdown law to keep oil flowing and silences national park officials, and EPA enforcement just . . . stops.

A Rescue Dog Is Now Helping to Save Other (Much Wilder) Dogs

Where are South America’s bush dogs? A scientist looks to a Chesapeake Bay retriever for answers.

In Nighttime Shots of Massive Wildfires, a Photographer Shows Us the Light

Stuart Palley’s award-winning images depict a devastating and natural ecological process—but one we are all very much a part of.

Wind and Solar Are the Final Nails in Coal’s Coffin

If you want to know where coal is headed, look no farther than Texas—where this dirty fuel is in its death throes.

On the Trail of the Odd and Elusive Platypus

Scientists turn to eDNA to unlock the secrets of one of Australia’s most ancient animals—whose future may be going under.