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Three Ways Andrew Wheeler Can Help Restore the EPA’s Dignity and Mission

Scott Pruitt is out—but can the new EPA chief escape Pruitt’s shadow of endless scandals, incompetence, and corruption?

Week 77: Pruitt Is Gone, but the Pollution Isn’t

Plus, the EPA’s stall on chlorpyrifos and Ryan Zinke’s criminal socks.

People Are So Annoying That Animals Are Becoming More Nocturnal

Apparently they don’t want to hang out with a bunch of noisy, destructive, arrogant, and trigger-happy primates.

Monarchs Use Milkweed as Preventive Medicine—but Climate Change May Wreck the Pharmacy

Rising CO2 levels could upset the delicate relationship between the butterflies and their parasites.

A Bird’s-Eye Perspective Can Find Beauty in the Planet’s Dirtiest Places

David Maisel’s aerial views of environmental degradation are redefining American landscape photography.

As Waters Rise, Should Seaside Communities Retreat?

Whatever the decision, action is needed—and sooner rather than later.