The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Are Back―and Goofier Than Ever

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the silliest submissions so far.

September 28, 2016

Michael Erwin/Barcroft Media

Conservation is serious business, but the behavior of the animals we work to save can be quite the opposite. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is all about embracing both of those realities: It promotes the Born Free Foundation, which works to save imperiled individual animals as well as entire species, by celebrating the lighthearted side of wildlife watching. The competition, which debuted last year, is in full swing once again.

Check out some of our favorite shots (so far), below. And if you’ve captured any critters in a candid moment, it’s not too late to have the last laugh—the deadline for submissions is October 1.

Dutton Robert/Barcroft Media

Mary Swaby/Barcroft Images

Cedric Favero/Barcroft Images

Adam White/Barcroft Images

de VAULX Nicolas/Barcroft Images

Richard Gibson/Barcroft Images

Isabelle Marozzo/Barcroft Images

Craig Moore/Barcroft Images

Charles Kinsey/Barcroft Images

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