Davids vs. Goliath

Kayakers take to the water in Seattle to protest offshore drilling in the Arctic.

May 16, 2015

Photo: Backbone Campaign/Flickr

Earlier this week, the Obama administration gave Shell a conditional OK to drill for oil this summer in Alaska’s Chukchi Seadespite a 75 percent chance of a major spill.

As the energy company awaits a final approval, it's stationing its rig, named the Polar Pioneer, in Seattle's Elliot Bay, where it sticks out against the city's skyline. The 307-foot-high monstrosity, however, doesn't intimidate the activists who have paddled out in protest. From their kayaks on Thursday, they unfurled banners and reminded the company that Seattle does not welcome the rig—in fact, Shell doesn't even have the right city permits to dock it there. More protests are planned for Monday. 

Photo: Brandi Kruse

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