Destruction #NoFilter

Thanks to Instagram, photographers are showing us what climate change looks like across the globe.

January 22, 2015

A boy sitting amid a flooded Jakarta, a Peruvian glacier's final ice harvester, a Nigerian girl walking among heaps of burning garbage, a southwestern pier jutting out into the open air, no water in sight. This is what a warming planet looks like—and the images can all be found on Instagram. Photographer James Whitlow Delano started a social media project called Everydayclimatechange this month, and everyone's invited to check it out and join in.

Photographers on five continents are documenting the causes and consequences of global warming, capturing everything from floods to coal mining to deforestation to drought, reminding us that climate change is haunting, captivating, real, and, well, happening everywhere. Want to share your own warming corner of the globe? Just tag it #EveryDayClimateChange.

Photo: Alex Reshaun/Anarchy Images/Everydayclimatechange

Photo: Nina Berman/Noor/Everydayclimatechange

Photo: Ed Kashi/Everydayclimatechange

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