Dry Up or Drown

A heartfelt country ballad laments the recent flooding along the Mississippi River.

January 08, 2016

Missouri-based band Evan Webb and the Rural Route Ramblers recorded their song “Dry Up or Drown” a few months back. The country ballad, which laments economic downturn in the heartland’s rural towns and the disastrous flooding on the Mississippi River in 2011, has come to new relevance as the river once again burst its banks.

The music video was shot in Webb's hometown, in the recently-flooded Alexander County, Illinois, and released on January 1. Thanks to the one-two punch of El Niño and climate change, an abnormally warm and wet December dumped record amounts of rain on Missouri, Illinois, and surrounding states—St. Louis, for example, got soaked by almost 10 inches. And the flooding that began upstream is still working its way down the river. The Mississippi is expected to rise to 17 feet in New Orleans this afternoon.

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