Fashion Faux Pas

Your $8 shirt costs the planet a whole lot more.

March 03, 2016

Shopping at the kind of stores that sell you a brand-new shirt for $8 may feel cost-effective in the moment, but that cheapo blouse is pricey in terms of resources. And when you get sick of wearing it in a few months—or, just as likely, when it falls to pieces because it’s so poorly made—you’ll probably just throw it away and start the wasteful closet-filling cycle all over again. This video by Grist explains why fast fashion is costing us big in water pollution, greenhouse gases, toxic chemicals, and landfill space, all while perpetuating terrible labor conditions for the people who stitch together your throwaway threads.

But don’t worry, its not just going to tell you you’re doing it all wrong and leave you to twist in the wind in your skivvies. The video offers some great solutions for putting together a wardrobe that looks good on you and the planet. 

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