Fashion Faux Pas

Fast fashion might look good(ish), but it's got an ugly environmental markup.

April 28, 2015

Need a new shirt? Got a buck or two? Clothes are cheaper than ever, but apparel companies are still making billions. How? By cutting corners in their supply chains with cheap labor (ahem, tweens) and by moving overseas to skirt safety and environmental laws. As John Oliver discusses in the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, fast fashion has more than just an image problem.

The textile industry emits 10 percent of the world's greenhouse gases and uses around 20,000 chemicals, including dyes, bleaches, and detergents. Turns out some of those substances may cause cancer (but I'm sure those sweatshops have good health plans, right?). Thankfully, the news isn’t all bad. Some factory owners and designers are stitching together greener business practicesand that, my fashionistas, is so next season

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